Radio Interview: Raymond Ibrahim on Jihad and Forced Conversions

Raymond Ibrahim - November 2015 I was recently interviewed on Reel Talk with Audrey Russo.  Among other topics we discussed Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah’s comments on “defensive jihad” and “offensive jihad,” and how Coptic Christians were being abducted in Egypt and tortured to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam.Click here for the 20-minute interview. Source:    

Catholicos of the East – Forced Conversions will dismantle interreligious harmony

  Ajest T Phillip (OCP Delegate of the Indian Sub-Continent) 23/12/14 India/Kerala: Forced conversion will break interreligious harmony and peace, said His Holiness Baselious Pauolse II – Catholicose of the East on the Apostolic Throne of St Thomas and Malankara Metroploitn – Primate of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church. The Catholicos stated that there should be strong steps taken ...