The Ancient Malankara Church Establish Congregations in Georgia and France

December 19, 2018 Featured
Liturgy in Georgia

OCP News Service – 19/12/18 Europe: The Ancient Orthodox Church of Malankara has opened new congregations in the Eastern European nation of Georgia and the West European Nation of France. Metropolitan Mathew Mar Timotheus (of the U.K. and Europe Disocese) celebrated Divine Liturgy at one of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Churches in Georgia. A few […]

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‘Christians in Europe are Threatened by Secular Totalitarianism’ – Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk

September 26, 2018 Featured

Manfred Karl Böhm (Editor- Christian Affairs – Europe) OCP News Service – 26/9/18 Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchal Department for External Church Relations (DECR) recently visited Portugal. There are currently 20 Russian Orthodox parishes in this Western European Country. The members of these parishes come mostly from former Soviet countries. In […]

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Religious freedom in Europe?

July 17, 2018 Featured

Manfred Karl Böhm (Editor- Christian Affairs Europe) OCP News Service – 17/7/18 Germany: Discrimination can quickly turn into persecution, uncontrolled persecution into crimes against humanity and genocide, said the well-known British Politician Lord David Alton of Liverpool. Alton spoke at the 9th Annual Meeting of COPTIC SOLIDARITY on the nature of religious persecution ( He emphasized that […]

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Swedish Foreign Minister Addresses Assyrian Community on Genocide Recognition

June 14, 2018 Featured
Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström being interviewed by Assyria-TV. ( AINA)

AINA – 14/6/18 Stockholm (AINA) — Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström has confirmed the current government of Sweden will not make recognition of the Assyrian genocide part of foreign policy. She made the announcement on Tuesday during a special visit to the Assyrian community in the town of Södertälje where Assyrians make up more than one […]

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Denmark Will Cease to Be Lutheran by 2050 With Current Migration – Sociologist

June 6, 2018 Featured

Sputniknews – 6/6/18 Sociologist Henrik Dahl has called the consequences of mass immigration from the Middle East an “existential threat” and ventured that Denmark will no longer be Protestant by 2050 unless the influx from that particular area is slowed down or throttled completely. In his opinion piece published in the Berlingske daily, Henrik Dahl stressed that it would […]

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Sword and Scimitar: A Look into Raymond Ibrahim’s New Book

June 4, 2018 Featured

Raymondibrahim – 4/6/18 Editor’s note: The following is the most comprehensive interview to date concerning my forthcoming book, Sword and Scimitar.  It was conducted earlier this week by Frontpage Magazine’s Jamie Glazov. Frontpage: Raymond, welcome to Frontpage interview. Ibrahim: Good to be back Jamie, thank you. FP: Congrats on your new book coming out. Introduce us to it. Raymond Ibrahim: Thanks, Jamie.  […]

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OCP to Publish Book on Archbishop Rene Villate, Metropolitan Alvares Julius & Independent Catholic Movement

May 30, 2018 Featured

OCP News Service – OCP Publications- 30/5/18 Global- OCP Publications of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE will publish a research work on Independent Catholic Movements in the United States, Europe and the Indian Sub-continent. Varghese John Thottapuzha – Director, Dept. of Publication stated that the book is a result of intense research and fieldwork by the scholars […]

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Message of the Holy Assembly of Bishops on Kosovo and Metohija

May 14, 2018 Featured

Church of Serbia – 14/5/18 We, the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the ancient and glorious Patriarchate of Pech, gathered by the grace of the Holy Spirit, for the regular convocation of the Holy Assembly of Bishops in the historic See of Serbian archbishops and patriarchs, the Monastery of the Patriarchate of Pech, and […]

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‘Jesus Was a Refugee’: Church of Norway Calls for Open Borders

April 18, 2018 Featured
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Kamil Porembiński / Nidaros Cathedral

Sputniknews – 18/4/18 The Church of Norway, which is experiencing an unprecedented decline in membership figures, has called for open borders in a world with a record high number of refugees. At this year’s Norwegian church meeting, a unanimous resolution has been adopted calling for hospitality toward people fleeing from Syria and other war-torn countries, amid what is described as mounting […]

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Delegation of the European St. James Way visits St. James Cathedral in Jerusalem

March 26, 2018 Featured

Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem – 26/3/18 Saturday morning March 10, a delegation of the Fédération Européenne du Saint-Jacques de Compostelle visited the Armenian Convent of St. James. Their visit was well prepared by correspondence as well as a previous visit of M. Gérard Beaume, the general coordinator of the Fédération. The delegation consisted […]

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Mar Odisho Oraham Speaks on the Martyrdom of Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Benyamin XXI

March 5, 2018 Featured

Assyrian Church of the East – 5/3/18 His Grace Mar Odisho Oraham, Bishop of Europe, speaks with Assyria TV on the centennial of the martyrdom of His Holiness Mar Benyamin Shimun, Martyr of the Assyrian Church of the East and the Assyrian Nation. Source:  

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Assyrian Umbrella Organization Granted NGO Status in EU

December 31, 2017 Featured
Ms Attiya Gamri, a former member of a Dutch provincial parliament, is the current president of the Assyrian Confederation of Europe.

AINA – 31/12/17 Brussels (AINA) — The Assyrian Confederation of Europe (ACE) has been granted official status as an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) by the Belgian Ministry of Justice. The status was granted after a six month review by officials in Brussels, home to numerous NGOs. ACE will headquartered in Brussels. Related: Assyrian Confederation of Europe Elects President Related: Assyrian […]

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November 25, 2017 Featured

Osifoundation – November 2017 For more in formation and registration visit – Budapest- Hungary: The Occidental Institute is organizing a conference at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. In collaboration with IRELAC – Institute of Relations between Europe, Latin-America and The Caribbean- based ay ICHEC in Brussels. 3QC a Think- Tank based at Regents’ University in […]

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Wisdom from the East 1 – By Fr. Milan Radulovic

November 4, 2017 Featured

Holy Faith TV – 4/11/17 I sit down with Father Milan Radulovic, an Eastern Orthodox Priest of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, to discuss his journey from actor, to monastic life and finally to priest who left eastern Europe for Canada. Source:

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“What People Need Most Is Help From Above” – Protopriest Boris Ignatievsky

October 21, 2017 Featured

The Official Website of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia – 21/10/17 On Saturday, October 14, 2017, Protection of the Holy Virgin Church in Cabramatta (Sydney, Australia) celebrated its feast day. On the eve we spoke with the Rector, Protopriest Boris Ignatievsky, about the long-term cooperation between the Russian […]

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St. Petersburg Named Europe’s Best Tourist Destination

October 1, 2017 News
© Sputnik/ Alexei Danichev

Sputniknews – 1/10/17 The 2017 World Travel Awards has named Russia’s St. Petersburg the best tourist destination in Europe for the second time since 2015. This year marked the 24th anniversary of the prestigious World Travel Awards, established in 1993 and considered to be one of the most reputable in international tourism, with The Wall Street Journal describing it as “The […]

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‘Patriarch Tikhon, Revolution and a Century Later’ – Lecture presented by Archpriest Nicholas Karipoff

August 28, 2017 Featured

The Official Website of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia – 28/8/17 ‘Patriarch Tikhon, Revolution and a Century Later’ – Lecture presented by Archpriest Nicholas Karipoff at Symposium, Sydney, 14-17 July 2017. Patriarch Tikhon was chosen by God 1to restore strong leadership to the Russian Church at what was, without […]

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Losing Faith: Germany’s Christian Population Declining at Record Rate

July 25, 2017 Featured
CC BY 2.0 / Ștefan Jurcă / Landsberg am Lech

Sputniknews – 25/7/17 The number of Catholics and Protestants in Germany sank to a new low in 2016, with the latter hemorrhaging almost 1.6 percent of members in comparison with the previous year, according to recently released figures. According to the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD), at the end of 2016 there were around 22 million evangelicals in Germany. Demographics played the biggest factor in the change: in 2016, approximately 340,000 evangelicals […]

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Special Meeting of Syriac Orthodox Church in Switzerland

July 14, 2017 Featured

Syriac Orthodox Church – 14/7/17 Upon the invitation of His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, and under his presidency, a meeting of their Eminences the Archbishops of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Europe was convened at Mor Augin Monastery in Switzerland on Thursday July 13, 2017. Their Eminences the Archbishops: Mor Dionysius Issa Gurbuz […]

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June 2, 2017 News
Photo: – June 2017 The city of Constantinople, the capital of the great Byzantine Empire, fell to the invading Ottoman Turks on May 29, 1453. Recalling the great loss suffered by Orthodox Christians at that time, Greek hierarchs, speaking at events in remembrance of that loss, called for Greeks today to stand up and defend their […]

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May 21, 2017 Featured
Photo: – 21/5/17 The Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada announced that it will not consider draft bills Nos. 4128 and 4511 on Thursday as originally planned, reports RIA-Novosti. More than 300,000 Ukrainians throughout the country signed petitions against the bills, which threaten to forbid and seize the churches of the Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, as […]

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