Metropolitan Antony Meets With the President of Ukraine

June 22, 2017 News

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA  – June 2017 President in the meeting with the Ukrainian community: Everything that is happening in Ukraine now is in the heart of the Diaspora Митрополит Антоній зустрівся з Президентом України Все, що відбувається зараз в Україні, є в серці діаспори – Президент України на зустрічі з українською […]

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Bucharest Employs Church Expansion to Advance ‘Greater Romania’ Project

June 5, 2017 News
© AP Photo/ Darko Bandic

Sputniknews – 5/6/17 The Romanian Orthodox Church’s expansion on the Balkans appears to be a part of Bucharest’s plans to make the dreams of Greater Romania come true. It appears that ever since Romania became a member of the EU and NATO, the country sought to fulfil its long-time ambition of creating the Greater Romania — a nation-state which would […]

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March 4, 2017 News – 4/3/17 According to a recent survey on Bulgarians’ attitudes towards various institutions, they trust the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the most, with political bodies and parties coming in last. The survey is summarized by The Sofia Globe. Sofia’s Open Society Institute’s February 28 report on the national public opinion survey shows that 55% of […]

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February 3, 2017 Featured
Photo: – 3/2/17 The Georgian Parliament Committee for Human Rights adopted today a bill that, if approved, will make the insulting of religious feelings administratively punishable, reportsGeorgia Online. Under this bill, such offenders will be fined 300 gel ($110) for the first offense and 600 gel ($220) for repeat offenses. Moreover, the desecration of religious […]

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Oh God no! Religious belief plummets after travails of 2016

December 24, 2016 News
© Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters – 24/12/16 Terrorist attacks, controversial election results, and the deaths of a string of beloved celebrities might have caused many to lose faith in God, a recent poll suggests. According to a YouGov poll for the Times, a total of 4 percent of Britons lost their faith in the almighty between February and December […]

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Statement by Bishop Angaelos following the results of the EU Referendum

June 24, 2016 Featured News

Coptic Orthodox Church UK – 24/6/16 Statement by His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, following the results of the EU Referendum.  Over this past week, the United Kingdom has experienced a series of significant, challenging and sometimes painful milestones. With the long-awaited results of the EU […]

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January 28, 2016 Featured News

January 2016 Saeed Abedini, pastor of an Evangelical church, was detained in 2012 and sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of undermining national security in Iran. His case was highly publicized; more than a million people all over the world signed petition for Abedini’ release. In December 2014, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of […]

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Croatia: Orthodox Church In Karlovac Desecrated

August 31, 2015 Featured News
Photo: Bearcro / Wikipedia

31/8/15 – In Serbia  BELGRADE – President of the Coalition of Refugee Associations Miodrag Linta fiercely condemned on Thursday the desecration of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas in Karlovac, Croatia, which was targeted by a break-in by an unidentified individual, and he also noted that this is a clear message that Orthodox Bishop […]

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European Assyrian Federations in Talks With EU Commission

December 1, 2014 News
Assyrian delegation to the EU.

November – December 2014 Brussels (AINA) — The Assyrian national federations of Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France and Holland were invited on November 21 to the European Union in Brussels for talks on the future of Assyrians in Iraq. The meeting took place behind closed doors in the European External Action Service unit of the Commission, […]

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European Assyrians Lobby EU for Relief for Assyrians in Iraq

October 19, 2014 News

October 2014 Brussels (AINA) — Assyrian Federations of Europe are continuing their joint efforts to lobby the European Union on behalf of Assyrians of Iraq. On Thursday, October 16 a representative of the Assyrian federations, Mr. Naher Begrigo, attended a meeting in the EU-parliament in Brussels with the unions’ permanent delegation for relations with Iraq, […]

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Church Leaders Appeal to EU to Safeguard ‘Very Fragile’ Christian Presence in Iraq

July 12, 2014 Featured News – 12/7/14 Iraqi Christian leaders are seeking help from the European Union to avert a new civil war that would threaten the existence of the country’s “very fragile” minority groups. Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako of Baghdad headed a delegation of Iraqi Church leaders to Brussels, to confer with European officials who are scheduled […]

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Greeks Recognized as the Most Religious People in the European Union

June 23, 2014 Featured News

75% of Greeks call themselves religious. PRAVMIR. June 20, 2014. A pan-European survey conducted by the Department of Social Research in nineteen European Union countries recognized Greeks to be the most religious people in the EU. The results of the survey were published in a Guide to Mount Athos with reference to the newspaper «ΕλεύθεροςΤύπος». […]

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Turkey Returns Less Than Half of Assyrian Monastery’s Land it Seized

March 14, 2014 Featured News

World Watch Monitor – 14/3/14 The Turkish Ministry of EU Affairs welcomed March 2 the returnof property, seized by the country’s treasury, to the world’s oldest Syriac Orthodox monastery, Mor Gabriel. In February, the head of the Mor Gabriel Religious Foundation, Kuryakos Ergun, received the property deeds to 12 plots of land totaling 244,000 square metres, […]

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Patriarch: ‘Church Will Do Everything To Make Georgia EU Member’

March 7, 2014 Featured News

7/3/14 (Civil.Ge) — Head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Ilia II, said during a meeting with visiting EU official that the Church “will do everything” to help Georgia become EU member. “We are very pleased that Georgia, which has gone through a hard period of Communist regime, is today heading towards the European structures. The European Union is an […]

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Turkey’s EU Ministry Welcomes Decision on Assyrian Monastery

March 3, 2014 Featured News

3/3/14 Turkey’s Ministry of EU Affairs has welcomed the return of a piece of land to the historic Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation, in Turkey’s southeast region. The Ministry called it an “important achievement towards strengthening the fabric of fraternity and realizing the goal of advanced democracy in our country”. The issue over the ownership […]

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Two Swedish-Assyrians Run for EU Parliament Seats

February 15, 2014 News

15/2/14 Stockholm (AINA) — Two Swedish-Assyrians have been chosen by their parties to run for seats in the European parliament. Isak Betsimon from the Swedish green party Miljopartiet and RobertHanna from the liberal party Folkpartiet have both announced their candidacy. Standing seventh on his party’s list of candidates, Robert Hanna will need to win five percent of the total votes for Folkpartiet and more […]

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Georgian Patriarch asks Europe not to impose alien ideas on nation

January 8, 2014 Featured News

Tbilisi, January 7, Interfax – Patriarch Ilia II of All Georgia has urged the European Union to take into account Georgia’s determination to adhere to it traditional values. “The European Union should take into account our traditional views and not impose the ideals of same-sex “marriages” and same-sex “families” that are alien to us here,” […]

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Patriarch: Decisive steps should be taken to unite Georgia

December 22, 2013 Featured News

By Nana Kirtzkhalia – Trend – 22/12/13 On Dec.21 Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II received the head of the EU Monitoring Mission Toivo Klaar and members of the mission. Part of the meeting was closed to journalists. The head of the mission asked the patriarch’s opinion on what can be done to improve the […]

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Restoration of Virgin Mary church in occupied Trachoni completed

December 12, 2013 Featured News

FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE – 12 /12/ 13 The completion of the restored church of Virgin Mary in the occupied village of Trachoni has been marked with an official ceremony, with crowds of people attending. Despite bad weather, Greek Cypriot refugees from Trachoni filled the small church, holding candles and icons in their hands, to attend the […]

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Ukrainian protesters find refuge from police in Kiev monastery

December 2, 2013 News
A wounded protester stands in front of St. Michael

Thomas Grove – December 2013 (Reuters) – Around 100 Ukrainian pro-EU protesters took refuge from police batons and biting cold on Saturday inside the walls of a central Kiev monastery. With a barricade of benches pushed up against a gate to keep police out, protesters – who had rallied against President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to reject […]

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Turkey’s EU Minister Bağış hosts minority leaders

November 30, 2013 Featured News
EU Minister Bağış (2 L) is seen with Sait Susin, the President of the Meryem Ana Church Foundation (L), Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomew (2 R), U.S. Greek Church Archbishop Dimitrios (C) and Istanbul Syriac Orthodox Church Metropolitan Yusuf Çetin (R). DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah Gürel

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News – 30/11/13 Vercihan Ziflioğlu EU Minister Egemen Bağış hosts religious leaders of minorities at a dinner in Istanbul prasing the relations between the leaders and the state. Bağış also says problmes will be solved ‘together’ Turkish EU Minister Egemen Bağış hosted religious leaders and prominent figures from minority communities […]

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