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Libya’s Security Forces Reportedly Find Burial Sites of Over 20 Christians

October 8, 2017 Featured
© AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar

Sputniknews – 8/10/17 The Libyan security forces have reportedly found the bodies of Coptic Christians from Egypt, killed by Daesh militants in Libya in 2015. The bodies of more than twenty Egyptian Coptic Christians, executed by Daesh terrorists (a terrorist group that is banned in many countries, including Russia) in 2015 in Libya were discovered in the city of Sirte, the Egyptian newspaper al-Dustour writes, […]

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Catholicos Aram I Sends Condolence Letters to Egyptian President & Patriarch Tawadros II

February 20, 2015 Featured News

17 February 2015. His Holiness Catholicos Aram I sent letters of condolences and solidarity to President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el­Sisi and Patriarch Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church, for the killing of 21 Egyptian Copts by Islamist extremists in Libya. After expressing his condolences His Holiness reminded the dangerous consequences of extremism that […]

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Egyptian Copts Test Pilgrim Ban to Jerusalem

April 21, 2014 Featured News
A Coptic Christian priest holds candles next to a picture of Egyptian Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

By Tom Rollins AL Monitor – April 2014 CAIRO — Inside a stuffy office just off Tahrir Square, hotel manager Nemr Lotfy, a Coptic Christian, remembers his pilgrimage to Jerusalem. “It was always one of my greatest hopes to go inside the tomb of Jesus Christ,” he smiles, talking at length about the Garden of Gethsemane, […]

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Open Season on Christians in Libya

March 5, 2014 Featured News

Raymond Ibrahim – 3/5/14 It’s open season on Coptic Christians in Libya. A few days after seven Copts were identified as Christians, pulled out of their homes by “unknown gunmen” and taken out and executed in Jarutha, some 20 miles west of Benghazi (see here for graphic pictures), Egyptian Copts are still being singled out […]

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Copts detained in Libya released early, say church sources

April 12, 2013 Featured News

MENA – 12/4/13 Libya has reportedly released four Egyptian Copts who had been imprisoned for over a month on charges of proselytizing, said on Thursday sources from the Coptic Orthodox Church. The four suspects were allegedly acquitted on all charges. The sources said that the suspects had been scheduled to be released next Tuesday, but […]

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Egyptian Copts and Muslims clash again, in central Cairo

April 7, 2013 Featured News

Reuters – 7/4/13 CAIRO (Reuters) – Clashes broke out between Coptic Christians and Muslims in central Cairo on Sunday after the funeral of four Coptskilled in sectarian violence outside the Egyptian capital on Friday night, a witness said. The state news agency MENA said 17 people had been injured in fighting after a funeral ceremony at the city’s Coptic Orthodox cathedral. Public television […]

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Egyptian Copts celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

March 28, 2013 News

28/3/13 CAIRO (Ma’an) — Fifty Egyptian Coptic Christians left Cairo for Israel on Thursday to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem, an Egyptian security official said. Several flights are scheduled between Cairo and Tel Aviv to bring Christian worshipers to Jerusalem for Easter. It is the second year that Egyptian pilgrims have celebrated Easter in Jerusalem since […]

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Pope Tawadros II calls upon Coptic movements to choose ‘peaceful struggle’

March 17, 2013 Featured News

Ahram Online – 16/3/13 Tawadros II met several Coptic movements to discuss recent crisis in Libya and call upon groups to struggle peacefully. Coptic Pope Tawadros II has reached out to Coptic youth movements after recent troubles in Libya for the group, saying, “If you choose the route of struggle, then it has to be […]

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Foreign Ministry: 20 Egyptian Copts held in Libya released

March 6, 2013 Featured News

Al-Masry Al-Youm Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 6/3/13  Libya released 20 Egyptian Copts who were being held in the country on charges of proselytizing, said Ali al-Esheiry, foreign deputy minister for consular affairs, attributing their release to the Egyptian Consulate in Benghazi’s efforts. Esheiry said the mission is still working toward the release of 23 […]

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Egyptian Copts in Libya allegedly detained, tortured following ‘missionising’ claims

March 2, 2013 Featured News
Photos published on Facebook of detained Copts in Libya accused of proselytisation.

Sherry El-Gergawi – 1/3/13 Scores of Egyptian Coptic Christians are detained, abused by Salafists in Benghazi after being accused of proselytising, says Coptic Church source. Activists in Libya on Thursday posted photographs on Facebook allegedly portraying Egyptian Coptic-Christians detained in Libya on charges of proselytising. The activists asserted that the images would also be sent […]

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Egyptian Copts abandon constitution talks

April 2, 2012 Featured News
Supporters of a Salafist presidential candidate in Cairo on March 30, 2012.

2/4/2012 Reuters Country’s liberals, Christians decide to boycott the committee drafting Egypt’s new constitution, which they say is dominated by Islamists. Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has announced it is withdrawing from talks on a new constitution, saying Islamist domination of the drafting body has made its participation “pointless,” Egypt’s state news agency said. The decision […]

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Tens of thousands of Copts say goodbye to Pope who ‘safely guided ship’

March 18, 2012 Featured News

18/3/2012 Mostafa Ali Streams of grieving Egyptian Copts have started on Saturday to descend on country’s main cathedral in Cairo to start 3-day period of bidding beloved Shenouda III farewell, looking ahead to a stormy future. The main cathedral for Egypt’s 12 million Copts in the Abbassiya district of Cairo had been taken over by […]

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Egyptian Copts to leave denomination in protest over Remarriage

September 16, 2011 News

Sarah Carr 15/09/201 In what they described as an “unprecedented” step in the history of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, a group of Coptic Christians on Thursday declared their intent to leave the denomination in protest at the Church’s objections to the amendment of divorce regulations. The four-month-old Coptic group “Right to Live Movement” organized a […]

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Copts to protest Thursday to demand civil Marriages

July 6, 2011 News

Emad Khalil 04/07/2011 Egyptian Copts on Monday called for protests on Thursday outside the Ministry of Justice to demand civil marriages. The Orthodox Church in Egypt only permits divorce in the case of adultery or change of religion, and allows widows and widowers to remarry. Egyptian authorities do not recognize civil marriages without the consent […]

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Copts welcome Easter amid hope, fear and determination to fight for Rights

April 21, 2011 Featured News

Ekram Ibrahim 20/4/2011 In the midst of rising sectarian tensions, some Copts are considering fleeing the country while others opt to ready themselves to fight for social and political equality and emancipation The January 25 Revolution has succeeded in inspiring countless Egyptians and offering them hope of a new, egalitarian state. As Egyptian Copts celebrate […]

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Egyptian Copts Campaign to Rebuild Church

March 2, 2009 News

The Egyptian Orthodox Church – also known as the Coptic Church – has joined a campaign launched by the Coptic Diaspora to obtain permission to rebuild a church in the governorate of Sohag, the Daily News Egypt reported. “There is legislation that differentiates between Egyptians versus the right to build and/or maintain places …

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