Egyptian Christians

Libya’s Security Forces Reportedly Find Burial Sites of Over 20 Christians

October 8, 2017 Featured
© AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar

Sputniknews – 8/10/17 The Libyan security forces have reportedly found the bodies of Coptic Christians from Egypt, killed by Daesh militants in Libya in 2015. The bodies of more than twenty Egyptian Coptic Christians, executed by Daesh terrorists (a terrorist group that is banned in many countries, including Russia) in 2015 in Libya were discovered in the city of Sirte, the Egyptian newspaper al-Dustour writes, […]

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Egyptian Christians given same paid leave for pilgrimages as Muslims

February 8, 2017 Featured – 8/2/17 Egypt’s High Constitutional Court has ruled that Christian civil servants should be entitled to the same rights as Muslims, who receive a stipend to go on the Hajj. “The ruling is a major step towards full citizenship rights for Egyptian Christians,” Naguib Gabriel, a lawyer who waged a three-year legal battle to […]

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Anniversary of the 21 Coptic Christians Martyred in Libya

February 13, 2016 Featured News

Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom – 13/2/16 Anniversary of the 21 Coptic Christians Martyred in Libya – Statement by His Grace Bishop Angaelos – General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom For decades we have witnessed the systematic intimidation, persecution, abduction, and even execution of Christians and minorities in […]

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Egyptian Christians Face Harassment, Violence in Attempting to Rebuild Church

March 15, 2015 Featured News

Open Doors – 15/3/15 Coptic Orthodox Christians in the small village of Samalout, 137 miles south of Cairo, unexpectedly received permission from local authorities to rebuild their destroyed church building. Permits to build or rebuild local village churches in Egypt are rarely granted and usually bring strong Muslim opposition. However, when the construction work started […]

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Egypt: Church Courtyard Set Aflame Before Christmas Prayers

January 11, 2015 Featured News

By Raymond Ibrahim – January 2015 The courtyard of St. George the Martyr, a partially constructed Catholic church in Hijazh village in Egypt was set on fire by unknown persons on Christmas day (January 7 for Egyptian Christians). Christian worshipers were planning on praying in the church’s courtyard — since the church building had been left […]

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Egypt: Church threatens to reject constitution

November 14, 2013 Featured News

Waleed Abdul Rahman – 14/11/13 Coptic church threatens to reject constitution articles over term ‘People of the Book’. Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat—The Coptic Church has threatened to reject Egypt’s new draft constitution over the terminology used to describe Christians and Jews, Asharq Al-Awsat has learned. A member of the 50-member constitution drafting committee, speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat […]

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Egyptian Christians return to worship in church destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood

August 20, 2013 News

20/8/13 Copts whose church was one of dozens destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood  supporters have returned to the charred house of worship, with their pastor  vowing the violence suffered by his flock will make them “better  Christians.” “This will learn us to be better Christians,” said Pastor Sameh Ibrahim of a  torched congregation in Minya, the […]

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Egyptian Christians attacked, dozens of churches torched

August 20, 2013 News

20/8/13 Nearly 40 churches across Egypt were looted and set ablaze, while 23 others were severely damaged in attacks over the last several days. It remains unclear who is behind the attacks, with both the Muslims Brotherhood and extremists being blamed. In one incident, the Archangel Michael Church, about 50  kilometers from Cairo, became the […]

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Muslim Mobs Kill Egyptian Christians in Wake of Morsi Ouster

July 11, 2013 Featured News
Photo of mourners at a funeral for two Coptic Christians killed in Egypt: AP Images

   Dave Bohon – 11/7/13 Several Christians have been killed in Egypt in the last week, in the wake of the military overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi July 2. On July 6 a Coptic Christian priest identified as Father Mina Aboud Sharween was gunned down in the Sinai town of El Arish, near the Gaza border. CBN […]

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Egyptian Christians losing sense of home

April 1, 2013 Featured News

Charles M. Sennott 1/4/13 This is the third in a series of posts about dwindling Christian communities in the Middle East. CAIRO — Down the narrow warrens of the gritty neighborhood of Shoubra, past the bakeries and butcher shops adorned with pictures of the new Coptic pope and ancient martyrs and saints, the Church of […]

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Egypt’s Coptic Christians fleeing country after Islamist takeover

January 14, 2013 Featured News

By Richard Spencer, Alexandria 14/1/13 Tens of thousands of Egyptian Christians are leaving the country in the wake of  the Egyptian revolution and subsequent Islamist takeover of politics, priests  and community leaders say. Coptic Christian churches in the United States say they are having to expand to cope with new arrivals, as priests in cities […]

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US Egyptian Christians fear for faith under Morsi’s Islamist agenda

December 11, 2012 News

Melissa Chrise 10/12/2012 It seems like every Sunday, there’s a new face sitting in the pews of the Church of Saint Verena and the Three Holy Youth in Orange, Calif.  Most are young professionals or families with small children and some have been living in the United States for a just few weeks. “The first waves […]

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Coptic church denies lifting ban

April 8, 2012 Featured News

By Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent 8/4/2012 Cairo: The Coptic Orthodox Church has denied lifting a ban on pilgrimage to occupied Jerusalem as more Egyptian Christians have flown to Israel to visit the holy city in the past few days. “We continue to follow in the footsteps of late Pope Shenouda III with regard to national […]

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Snaps From Cairo after the Demise of Pope Shenouda III

March 18, 2012 Featured News
Egyptian Christians gather after hearing about the death of Pope Shenouda III at the at Coptic Patriarchate headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, March 17, 2012. Pope Shenouda III who led Egypt's Christian minority for 40 years during a time of increasing tensions with Muslims, has died. He was 88.

18/3/2012 Source:

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Radio program – Sunday Nights on ABC Local Radio: Egyptian Christians

February 29, 2012 News
Priest at Bexley Coptic Cathedral

28/2/2012 Egyptian Christians are very conscious that St Mark the Evangelist was in Egypt. His work means that Egypt, along with Jerusalem and Antioch is one of the three oldest Christian foundations in the world. During this time of Lent, Noel Debien visited the beautiful new Coptic cathedral of St Mary’s and St Mina’s church […]

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Egyptian Christians Seek Refuge In U.S. After Oppression Grows

February 22, 2012 Featured News
Maged Daniel (right) fled Egypt with his wife and two children in October 2011, after oppression of Coptic Christians increased with the ouster of dictator Hosni Mubarak. (Credit: CBS)

22/2/2012 CHICAGO (CBS) – The fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak meant freedom for many Egyptians, but not for the nation’s Christian minority. It’s estimated more than 100,000 Christians fled the increased oppression in Egypt after Mubarak was ousted. CBS 2′s Derrick Blakley talked with newly-arrived Egyptian Christians who are now making Chicago their home. Maged […]

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3,000 attack Egyptian Christians over rumored cell phone picture

January 30, 2012 Featured News

Timothy Whiteman 30/1/2012 The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) is reporting that a riotous mob consisting of extremist Muslim Salafists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood have attacked unarmed Christian villagers in Egypt. An estimated 3,000 Muslims essentially took over the town of Kobry el-Sharbat, and looted then burned a number of homes and shops […]

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Patriarch Kirill’s statement on disturbances in Cairo

October 13, 2011 News

12.10.2011 In his statement published below, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church expresses support for the suffering Egyptian Christians. ‘The Russian Orthodox Church has followed the developments in Egypt with concern and bitterness. Blood has been spilt and Christian churches have been destroyed again. There is another manifestation of growing intolerance towards Christians and […]

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Snaps from Coptic Protest and Massacre in Cairo

October 10, 2011 Featured News
Egyptian Christians march in Cairo during a protest against an attack on a church in southern Egypt , October 9, 2011. Nineteen people were killed in Cairo on Sunday when Christians, some carrying crosses and pictures of Jesus, clashed with military police, medical and security sources said, in the latest sectarian flare-up in a country in political turmoil.

10/10/2011 Several people have died in clashes between Coptic Christians and Egyptian security forces, in the worst sectarian violence since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February. The health health ministry said a total of 174 people were injured in violence during a Coptic Christian protest in central Cairo on Sunday, which saw a […]

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Egyptian Churches: Copts are free to take part in Protests

July 29, 2011 News

Emad Khalil 28/07/2011 The Egyptian Orthodox, Anglican and Catholic churches said on Thursday that all Egyptian Christians are free to participate in demonstrations, calling on Muslims and Christians to put the interests of the country above all other considerations. “We hope Friday’s demonstrations will not feature any clashes,” said Andre Zaki, vice president of the […]

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The threat posed by religious violence in Egypt

May 13, 2011 Featured News

By Editorial 12/5/2011 AMONG THE MORE heartening aspects of the peaceful revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak was the way it brought together people from across Egypt’s social and religious spectrum. Muslims joined hands, literally and figuratively, with members of the country’s large Coptic Christian minority and stood together for democracy. So one of the most […]

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