Church Primate

The Ukrainian Church Primate’s secretary manipulates him, the Orthodox activist says

January 26, 2012 News

Moscow, January 26, Interfax – Metropolitan Vladimir’s of Kiev and Ukraine secretary Archbishop Alexander uses his illness in his own interests, head of the Ukrainian Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods Valentin Lukiyanik believes. “His Beatitude, in fact, is the subject of Archbishop Alexander’s manipulations. The sick person is used for someone’s purposes and the only purpose […]

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Eglise Syro-Orthodoxe-Francophone Church Primate Greets New Catholicose of the East

November 1, 2010 News
Mgr Philippe-Marie - Métropolitan Primate of Eglise Syro-Orthodoxe-Francophone Church

Son Em Mar Philipose-Mariam (Mgr Philippe-Marie), Métropolite, Monastère Syriaque de la Bse Vierge-Marie, Mère de Miséricorde, 61300 CHANDAI- BREVILLY (France) Tel : Fax : Port : His Holiness Baselius Marthoma Poulose II Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan Your Holiness While our French-Speaking-Orthodox-Syrian Church is celebrating the solemnities of St Gregorios of PARUMALA, we […]

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Patriarch Kirill urges Russians to draw spiritual lessons of Hot Summer

August 19, 2010 News

Moscow, August 16, Interfax – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urged people to think over reasons of fires raging in Russia and make corresponding conclusions. “Each person should do “the blame storming” and once again to think over his responsibility before God for himself, for his relatives, for nature, for the world around,” […]

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