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Comment from Archbishop Angaelos: Bodies of Libya Martyrs Repatriated

May 16, 2018 Featured

Coptic Orthodox Church UK- 16/5/18 Comment by His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos, Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London : Bodies of Libya Martyrs Repatriated to Egypt After months of waiting, the Coptic Libya Martyrs were finally repatriated to their homeland of Egypt yesterday. They were received by His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of […]

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Greatmartyr and Healer Panteleimon

September 25, 2017 Featured

Church of Serbia – August- September 2017 The Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon was born in the city of Nicomedia into the family of the illustrious pagan Eustorgius, and he was named Pantoleon. His mother Saint Euboula (March 30) was a Christian. She wanted to raise her son in the Christian Faith, but she died when […]

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Poems on Christian Faith, Persecution and Mosul

May 17, 2017 Featured – Poems by N. Lygeros – 16/5/17 Christian faith Christian faith is under siege everywhere because barbarity wants to kill each follower of Christ, this is not only a crime but a genocide against Humanity that’s why if you are a believer be ready to suffer but also to help others from the horror […]

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Statement of Intent from LOI Regional Consultation in Ethiopia

October 15, 2016 Featured News

Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative – 15/10/16 Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative Regional Consultation, Addis Ababa 11-14 October 2016 (1-4 Tikemt 2009) Statement of Intent Download PDF version here The LOI Regional Consultation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia concluded today by issuing the following Statement of Intent. Sixty Orthodox and Evangelical Church leaders, theologians and mission workers gathered in Addis Ababa for […]

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Saint Haralambos the Holy Martyr of Magnesia

February 24, 2016 Featured News

February 2016 – Church of Serbia  This great saint, Haralambos, was a bishop in Magnesia who suffered for Christ in his 113th year. When a terrible persecution began during the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus, the elderly Haralambos did not hide from the persecutors. Instead, he freely and openly preached the Christian Faith. He endured […]

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The Cross of Christ is Foolishness to the World: A Swedish Lutheran Bishop Wars Against the Christian Faith

October 10, 2015 Featured News
The Crucifixion of Christ

John G. Panagiotou – October 2015 This week Bishop Eva Brunne of the Lutheran Church of Sweden proposed that the Cross be removed from the Seamen’s Church in the Swedish city of Freeport to make it more “inviting” to non-Christian sailors. “Making a room available for people of other faiths does not mean that we […]

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St. Basil the Great and Christian Philanthropy

December 25, 2014 Featured News
St. Basil the Great

By John G. Panagiotou- December 2014 Many things are said and written about the great Cappodocian Father of the 4th century St. Basil the Great of Caesarea. In Basil the Great, we find the consummate theologian, liturgical scholar, ascetic and evangelist of the Faith. Too often, however, one more aspect of Basil is left overlooked […]

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