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Statement by Rev Valson Thampu on Kerala Nun Rape Case

September 18, 2018 Featured

Rev. Dr. Valson Thampu – 18/9/18 Nuns in Kerala are taking on the influential Catholic Church for justice Statement by Rev Valson Thampu (Indian educator, Christian theologian of the Anglican Church, former Principal of St Stephen’s College and the Editor of Ecumenical Spirituality @ the Editorial Board of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE) on the Kerala Nun Rape […]

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May 4, 2018 Featured – April- May 2018 RIA Novosti, 30 April 2018 The Orthodox and Catholic churches will not unite because of many contradictions and disagreements that have arisen in the thousand-year history of their separate existence, declared the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow patriarchate, Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Ilarion. Commenting on air […]

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War On Christmas: Washington D.C. Metro Bans Christmas Ads, Causes Uproar

December 1, 2017 News

Sputniknews – 1/12/17 The Catholic Church is suing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which regulates the advertisement on DC’s transportation network, for banning one of its Christmas season ads in the US capital, where less than 50 percent of the population expressly identifies as Christian. The Archdiocese of Washington, the Catholic Church’s branch in […]

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500th Anniversary of the Reformation: Legacy and Challenges

November 15, 2017 News

Church of Serbia – 15/11/17 The student government of the Orthodox Theological Faculty of Belgrade, in partnership with the Evangelical Union of Students, organized a debate titled, “500thAnniversary of the Reformation: Legacy and Challenges.” Students had the opportunity to hear from Church historian Dr. George Hancock and from Dr. Roland Werner, a well-known Protestant theologian, […]

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Divisions Within the Vatican Threaten Catholic Unity?

November 6, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews – 6/11/17 Hear Radio Commentary Here: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has become one of the most popular Popes ever, but inside the Catholic Church, many hate him intensely. He drives a Fiat, pays his own hotel bills and controversially washed the feet of Muslim women refugees. He has provoked a ferocious backlash from conservatives who fear […]

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BabySpanish Authorities Agree to Open Files on Thousands of Missing Babies

May 27, 2017 Featured
CC0 / Pixabay /

Sputniknews – 27/5/17 The Spanish Health Ministry and the Catholic Church have finally handed over documents relating to thousands of babies which were stolen from hospitals in Spain over many decades. A British MEP led a fact-finding mission after being alerted about a case from 1992. But the secret network of nuns, doctors and midwives is […]

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Pope Francis: Vatican had 2,000 sex abuse cases backlog, sluggishness complaints justified

May 15, 2017 News
Pope Francis, Portugal May 13, 2017. © Pedro Nunes / Reuters – 15/5/17 The Vatican had a backlog of 2,000 cases while processing allegations of sex abuse by priests, Pope Francis has said, adding that complaints over the slow pace of the Catholic Church’s inquiries are justified. The Pope addressed the issue for the first time since March, when abuse survivor, Marie Collins, announced her resignation […]

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“I Ran Out of the Catholic Church, Vowing Never to Return”

April 12, 2017 Featured

Journey to Orthodoxy – April 2017 An Interview with Fr. Sergius Labunsky, a former Roman Catholic We continue to publish the materials of Spas TV program My Path To God where Priest George Maximov interviews people who converted to Orthodoxy after searching for the truth for a long time. Today the guest of Father George’s program […]

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‘Sons of whore journalists’: Duterte blasts media & ‘passé’ Catholic Church

April 3, 2017 Featured – 3/4/17 Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte continued his tradition of provoking acrimony in public speeches, this time using an address to newly-appointed government officials on Thursday to slam both the Catholic Church and two of the country’s media outlets. “These priests, they think highly of themselves. Jesus, I’m telling you, that religion will become […]

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Adwa Commemorated: Papers Presented on the topic ‘The Invasion of Fascist Italy & the position of Pope Pius XI’

March 12, 2017 Featured – Kassa  Nigus  – March 2017 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) Deserves apology and compensation from Italy. Mahibere Kidusan Research Center organized a workshop to commemorate the Adwa Victory on St. George Day (March 2, 2017) at its premises. Two individuals had presentations on themes relating to the day and the papers were titled, […]

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Australia Catholic Church’s Child Protection Body Allowed to Keep Audits Secret

February 21, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews  – 21/2/17 The Australian Catholic church’s body Catholic Professional Standards (CPS) will have the right to refrain from publishing its auditory reports, according to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Australian Catholic church’s body Catholic Professional Standards (CPS) aimed at examining the church’s approach to child […]

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Pope Francis Admits Existence of Corruption in Vatican, Condemns Sexual Abuses

February 12, 2017 Featured

Sputniknews – 12/2/17 Pope Francis admitted that the Vatican suffered from corruption and condemned sexual abuses committed by Catholic priests. ROME (Sputnik) – In 2016 Pope Francis signed an official papal decree whereunder Catholic bishops and other senior officials neglecting investigation into child sexual abuse by priests would be sacked. “Corruption exists in Vatican … The Lord wants monks to be […]

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Over 4,000 children alleged victims of Catholic Church sex abuse in Australia since 1980 – probe

February 8, 2017 Featured News

RT.Com – 8/2/17 More than 4,000 children, mostly boys, were allegedly sexually abused by Catholic priests in Australia over decades, an investigation says, adding that since the 1950s some 7 percent of priests in the country were alleged perpetrators. The report was released on Monday by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child […]

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Duterte accuses Catholic Church of being ‘full of sh*t’

January 25, 2017 Featured News – 25/1/17 Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has unleashed his colorfully-worded wrath on the Catholic Church again, saying the organization is corrupt, “full of sh*t,” and accusing priests of sexual abuse. Duterte on Tuesday accused the Church and its bishops and priests of corruption, womanizing and said he was abused by a priest as a […]

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‘Vatican does nothing against drugs here, just collects money at mass’ – Duterte

December 31, 2016 Featured News – 31/12/16 Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has criticized the Catholic Church for attacking his human rights record, saying it has done nothing for drug addicts in the Philippines except collect money. He then offered his own version of what religion should be. The spat between the institution and Duterte continues, following a photo exhibition […]

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Catholicos-Patriarch Gewargis Sliws III Meets Pope in the Vatican

November 18, 2016 Featured News

Assyrian Church of the East – 18/11/16 His Holiness Pope Francis warmly welcomed the Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Gewargis Sliws III on the monrning of Thursday 17th November along with select few prelates in the Vatican City’s Redemptoris Mater Chapel. The Pope pressed great emphasis on the zeal and faith of the Christians in the Middle East […]

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Did Michelangelo Secretly Paint Symbols of Female Anatomy in the Sistine Chapel?

September 2, 2016 Featured News

Sputniknews – September 2016 Michelangelo painted some of the most recognizable images in art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. He also, evidently, included a bunch of heretical body parts. Among a number of famous scenes depicted on the ceiling of the chapel is the Creation of Eve, which depicts the first female pleading with God […]

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Pope Says Christians Should Apologise To Homosexuals

June 27, 2016 Featured News – 27/6/16 – Submitted by Christopher Tusiime CNN REPORT HERE: Pope Francis said Sunday that Christians owe apologies to gays and others who have been offended or exploited by the church, remarks that some Catholics hailed as a breakthrough in the church’s tone toward homosexuality. “I repeat what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: […]

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Philippine President-elect Duterte Calls Roman Catholic Church the most ‘Hypocritical Institution’

May 24, 2016 Featured News

Duterte Ato Ni! – May 2016 Read More: OLD GRUDGES. Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday dubbed the Catholic Church as the “most hypocritical institution” as he lambasted its bishops for supposedly attempting to erode public support for him before the May 9 elections. Duterte told reporters in Davao City that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference […]

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May 11, 2016 Featured News
Inside view of temporary church

The Mayan Orthodox Church – April- May 2016-  Father John Chakos Up until the late fifties, the sparsely populated jungle area of Ixcan in western Guatemala was thought to be worthless by the government. In an effort to populate the region for the benefit of the indigenous tribes, a program of land reform was initiated. […]

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Pope Francis Will Visit Armenia

April 12, 2016 Featured News

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin – April 2016 The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin announces that His Holiness Pope Francis, accepting the invitation of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; the Armenian authorities and the Catholic Church; 2016 will visit Armenia from June 24 to 26. Source:  

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