Boko Haram

Christian Genocide in Nigeria

May 2, 2018 Featured
Llifeless body of Fr. Gor, his priest’s cassock covered in blood.

Gatestone Institute – Raymond Ibrahim- April 2018 Two days ago in Nigeria, on April 24, around 30 Muslim herdsmen stormed a church during early morning mass and massacred nearly 20 parishioners and two clergymen. Rev. Fathers Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha were slaughtered while officiating at the altar of St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Mbalom village, Benue. Worshippers […]

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Boko Haram Claims Responsibility for Christmas Attacks in Nigeria

January 3, 2018 Featured
© Flickr/ Kunle Ogunfuyi

Sputniknews – 3/1/18 While Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari recently announced that the terrorist group has been defeated, a recent video made by one of the organization’s leaders suggests otherwise. Abubakar Shekau, one of Boko Haram’s leading figures, has published footage in which he claimed that the terrorist group carried out several attacks in Nigeria’s north-eastern regions during the Christmas season, according to the […]

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Boko Haram Slaughter 52 People in Nigeria

December 29, 2015 Featured News

OCP News Service – 29/12/15 Nigeria- Africa Read More Nigeria: The Nigerian Terror group Boko Haram have killed more than 52 people in a suspected attack. Several reports claim that the terror group has attacked and killed many Christians on Christmas day in Kima Village of the Bui local government area. Thye have also […]

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Christian Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Pressured to ‘Cut Throats of Christians’ in Nigeria

July 1, 2015 Featured News

Raymond Ibrahim – 1/7/15 In Nigeria, Boko Haram escapees continue to testify to the brainwashing that the Chibok girls are facing at the hands of their captors — girls being convinced to slit the throats of Christians and to carry out suicide attacks. More than 200 girls remain missing after Boko Haram stormed a government school […]

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Cameroon: Boko Haram Slaughters 100, Torches Churches

February 27, 2015 Featured News

Raymond Ibrahim – 27/2/15 Islamic militants fleeing a three-nation offensive took revenge Thursday, February 5, by attacking churches and shooting and burning to death as many as 100 people. According to Cameroon’s Information Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakari, approximately 800 militants from neighboring Nigeria’s Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram entered the Cameroon border town of  Fotokol where, […]

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Terrorists Slaughter Dozens of Nigeria Villagers

February 18, 2014 Featured News

18/2/14 Islamic terrorists murdered dozens of villagers in a northeastern state in Nigeria Sunday. They chanted “Allah is great” as they murdered an estimated 63 people. “As I am talking to you now, all the dead bodies of the victims are still lying in the streets,” Nigerian resident Abubakar Usman told Reuters. “We fled without […]

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December 9, 2013 Featured News

December 2013 At least 71 Christians were killed in November in Nigeria as a result of attacks on Christian villages by the nomadic Fulani people and the Boko Haram militants. According to ICC, on November 26, Fulani attacked four villages in the Plateau state – those of Ravuru, Tasu, Foron, and Gurabok. 37 people were killed, […]

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Christians “will not know peace again” if they do not accept Islam – the Boko Haram

July 11, 2012 Featured News

Ahmed Saka 11/7/2012 A radical militant sect has claimed responsibility for weekend attacks that have killed at least 58 people including two lawmakers in central Nigeria. Christians “will not know peace again” if they do not accept Islam, said a statement from the Boko Haram sect obtained by the Associated Press on Tuesday, which added […]

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A Global War on Christians in the Muslim World?

February 25, 2012 Featured News

John L. EspositoProfessor of Religion and International Affairs, Georgetown University 25/2/2012 Religious minorities in the Muslim world today, constitutionally entitled in many countries to equality of citizenship and religious freedom, increasingly fear the erosion of those rights — and with good reason. Inter-religious and inter-communal tensions and conflicts from Nigeria and Egypt and Sudan, to […]

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Islamofascism And The War on Nigeria’s Christians

December 28, 2011 Featured News

12/27/2011 Islamofascism: Scores of Christians attending Catholic mass in Nigerian churches were slaughtered in their pews by massive bomb blasts on Christmas Day. While decried as “un-Islamic,” a frightening number of Muslims believe the bombings are justified. The year that began with a New Year’s attack on an Egyptian Coptic Christian Church that killed 21 […]

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Christmas Day terrorist attacks kill Nigerian Christians

December 26, 2011 Featured News
Although relatively unknown in the US, Boko Haram doesn't take a backseat to any Islamic terrorist organization. Credits:  US Congress photo gallery

Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Examiner 25/12/2011 Islamic terrorists detonated bombs throughout Nigeria on Christmas Day targeting Christian churches that were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. At least 40 people were killed and dozens more were injured. The al-Qaeda affiliated Boko Haram , who wish to impose Sharia law in the country, claimed responsibility for […]

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