The Sanctuary Chapel for “Ark of the Covenant” Ethiopia Tour – May 2017

Bomani Tyehimba - September 2017 Bomani in Ethiopia on an incredible 7 city tour May 7-14, 2017. This journey includes Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum, Lalibela, Shashamene and Hawassa. Let’s start working more towards empowering and being a part of the growth of Africa. Source:

The myths and modernity 
of northern Ethiopia

12/10/2012 Thousands of years of history and some of the most important 
sites in Ethiopian Christianity sit alongside new buildings, roads 
and airports. Northern Ethiopia is beautiful and booming. Opposite the only bank in Lalibela, one of the holiest places in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, is a small shop selling mattresses, piled up in the dust on the ...