Assyrian Christians

New Memorial Erected for Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Benyamin XXI

March 5, 2018 Featured

Assyrian Church of the East – 5/3/18 New memorial is erected at Montrose Cemetery, Chicago in memory of 100 years of the martyrdom of His Holiness Mar Benyamin XXI, Martyr of the Assyrian Church of the East and of the Assyrian Nation, his companions and all Assyrian Christians killed during WWI. Source:  

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The Unethical Prosecution of an Assyrian Attorney

January 14, 2018 Featured
Attorney Robert DeKelaita speaking at a rally.

AINA – 14/1/18 On January 2, 2018, Judge Goldsmith from the federal court in Michigan ordered the release of Assyrian (also known as Chaldean or Syriac) Christian detainees who had been held for deportation. In his decision, the judge cited that the country conditions in Iraq precluded the possibility of returning the refugees to their […]

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Assyrian Umbrella Organization Asks UN to Support Assyrians in North Iraq

September 22, 2017 Featured

AINA – 22/9/17 (AINA) — The Assyrian Universal Alliance, an umbrella organization for Assyrians worldwide, has sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterrs, regarding the establishment of an Assyrian regional government in north Iraq, where the majority of Assyrians remain after being driven out of Iraq since 2004. […]

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December 8, 2016 Featured News – 8/12/16 More than 200 abducted Assyrian Christians taken hostage by ISIS in February 2015 were saved by a Syrian priest who managed to raise their ransom money, reports RIA-Novosti. Simultaneous militant attacks in thirty-five Christian settlements on February 23, 2015 resulted in the abduction of 226 people, one of the largest in the […]

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The Genocide of Assyrians and Yazidis and the Next American President

October 12, 2016 Featured News

AINA –  Nahren Anweya – 12/10/16 (AINA) — In November Americans will head to the polls to vote for his or her preferred presidential candidate. Meanwhile, the persecuted Assyrian Christians and Yazidis both here and in Iraq will be trembling at the mere thought of another four years of a silent administration allowing a modern […]

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Assyrians in Sydney Demonstrate Against Kurdish Occupation of Assyrian Villages

May 9, 2016 Featured News

Assyrian Universal Alliance – May 2016 Sydney — Over 500 people descended on Martin Place in a public demonstration organised by the Assyrian Council of Australia. The demonstrators demanded an end to Kurdish aggression in the occupied Assyrian homeland as well as the brutal atrocities currently taking place against the Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria […]

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Rescued at Last: Christian Villages in Syria Liberated from Daesh

December 10, 2015 Featured News
Over 30 Christian villages in Al-Hasakah province were completely devastated during the initial attack by Daesh forces. 10/12/15 Over 30 thousand Assyrian Christians live in the province of Al-Hasakah in the northeastern part of Syria. Up to 300 civilians were kidnapped and scores were murdered when during February the Daesh forces suddenly attacked the Christian villages there. Now as the Syrian army drives back the Islamists from the province, the local residents are attempting to pick up the pieces and restore some […]

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A Vicarious Letter to Obama From the Assyrian Hostages

October 29, 2015 Featured News
Assyrians in Chicago rally in support of Assyrians in Syria and Iraq.

By Peter Ahern – 29/10/15 (AINA) — Dear President Obama: After months of despair we have finally felt a flicker of hope on hearing of the raid by your soldiers with Kurdish forces several days ago which released 69 hostages being held by the Islamic state. We know very well what those hostages were going […]

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Assyrian Children Bear Scars Of War – Face New Challenges In Exile

June 23, 2015 Featured News
Learning math and reading in French instead of their native Arabic has been a challenge for Syrian refugees Cynthia, 9, and her classmate, David, 8. They are among 128 Assyrian refugee students receiving IOCC assistance to continue their schooling in Lebanon. IOCC is providing more than 1,000 Assyrian Christian families exiled from their homes in Syria with food, housing assistance, and education support as they adjust to their new and unsettling status as refugees in Lebanon. photo: Ramzi Haidar/IOCC

June 2015- IOCC Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Desperate to flee the onslaught of violence surrounding his village near Hasakah, Syria, Charbel remembers how frightened he was when his family barely escaped their home before they saw it destroyed by their attackers. The 14-year-old Assyrian boy left behind all of his possessions, friends, and school, but […]

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US State Department Says No to Iraqi Christians

May 18, 2015 Featured News

By Faith J. H. McDonnell – May 2015 Writing in April in USA Today about the murder of 12 Christian migrants thrown into the sea by Muslims for praying to Jesus instead of Allah, columnist Kirsten Powers stated that President Barack Obama “just can’t seem to find any passion for the mass persecution of Middle […]

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Indicted Assyrian Attorney Faces Trial

May 17, 2015 Featured News
Attorney Robert DeKelaita, who has been indicted for immigration fraud, will stand trial on May 19.

May 2015 Chicago (AINA) — Hundreds of supporters are expected to attend the trial of Assyrian-American attorney Robert DeKelaita. DeKelaita faces federal immigration fraud charges alleging that the long-time activist has falsified accounts of Christian persecution in Iraq. A protest will take place outside the Dirksen Federal Building in downtown Chicago beginning at 9:00am on […]

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The Lives of Assyrian Christians – Can We Imagine?

May 11, 2015 Featured News

By Sargis Sangari ISIS’ claim of responsibility for the shooting in Garland, Texas, was proof of its ability to capitalize on terrorist sympathizers globally who can pull off so-called lone wolf attacks. This marks the first time ISIS (also known as Islamic State) claimed credit for an attack inside the United States. A White […]

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Syrian City Surrounded By Jihadists – 232 Assyrians Held Hostage

May 2, 2015 Featured News – 2/5/15 Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, head of Archieparchy in Hassaké-Nisibi said: “We are going through a terrible time. The jihadists of the Islamic State attacked Hassaké for two days. They were warded off by the army and Kurdish militias. But we are cut off, like an island surrounded by jihadists from all sides.” Archbishop […]

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Assyrians, Isis, and Kelecha — Celebrating Easter in Iraq

April 5, 2015 Featured News
Assyrian women preparing Keleche, a traditional Assyrian pastry.

By Erin Wilson – April 2015 Floury hands move quickly, mixing ingredients, kneading rough pastry into smooth balls, then rolling out large, flat rounds ready to be cut with an upside-down drinking glass. The air smells faintly of walnuts and sugar. There is plenty of space, but the women sit close–shoulder to shoulder–working over a […]

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Assyrians: From Mosul to Motor City

March 6, 2015 Featured News

By Aaron Foley – 6/3/15 DETROIT — It’s easy to miss Tigris Restaurant in Detroit’s Chaldean Town, a tiny stretch of businesses and residences on Seven Mile Road just off Woodward Avenue, the city’s main thoroughfare. Chaldean Town is like many parts of Detroit: a mix of still-operational community centers and businesses with an increasing […]

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Assyrians: Remembering ‘The Year of the Sword’

March 4, 2015 Featured News

By Lela Gilbert – 4/3/15 I recently spent some time in New York City with Juliana Taimoorazy, a courageous and outspoken champion of the world’s Assyrian Christian community. Juliana’s lovely face frequently graces the TV for news interviews in which she usually finds herself describing yet another attack on her people. Also known as Chaldean […]

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USCIRF Condemns Abduction of More Than 200 Assyrian Christians and Urges Their Immediate Release

February 28, 2015 Featured News

28/2/15 WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) strongly condemns the abduction of more than 200 Assyrian Christians by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in northeastern Syria and calls for the international community to work for their immediate release. “The lives of these Assyrian Christians […]

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Hungary Urges International Community to Save Iraq’s Assyrian Christians

August 11, 2014 Featured News – 11/814 Hungary proposes that the matter should be included in next week’s agenda of NATO’s North-Atlantic Council, Szijjarto said. Hungary will also initiate that the European Council should discuss the issue at its next session, he added. Hungary’s foreign ministry has decided to put together a contingent of aid, which will be delivered to […]

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The Desperate Plight of the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria

August 7, 2014 Featured News

By Mardean Isaac – 8/6/14 Assyrian Christians are the indigenous people of a contiguous region spanning northeast Syria, southeast Turkey, northwest Iran and northern Iraq. Their primary religious denominations are the Assyrian Church of the East, the Chaldean Catholic Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church. Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the genocide […]

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Syria’s Assyrian Christians Find Refuge With Turkish Neighbours

January 28, 2014 Featured News

By Jane Burgess – 28/1/14 MIDYAT, Turkey — Miydat’s Assyrian Orthodox community is still encumbered with festive cookies and candied nuts from their Christmas festivities. In every home, tables groan with remnants from the recent celebrations, which for many of Midyat’s residents found themselves in situations far safer than the previous holiday spent in Syria. Often […]

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Turkey building refugee camps for Syrian Christians, Kurds

April 13, 2013 Featured News

13/4/13 Turkey is building two camps along its far southeastern border with Syria to house a growing number of refugees from Syrian minority groups, mainly Assyrian Christians as well as ethnic Kurds, a government official said on Wednesday. More 250,000 Syrians fleeing civil war in their homeland have registered in Turkey, most of whom stay […]

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