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Orthodox Church representative threatens withdrawal from constitution committee

November 25, 2013 Featured News

  Al-Masry Al-Youm – 25/11 13 Bishop Paula, who is representing the Orthodox Church within the 50-member committee tasked with amending the constitution, has threatened to withdraw for a second time – in protest against the drafting process. “We were surprised with the decision to drop the word ‘civil country’ without consulting us, which is unacceptable. […]

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The role of the church is spiritual, pope says

June 13, 2013 Featured News

Al-Masry Al-Youm – 13/6/13 Coptic Pope Tawadros II has stressed the spiritual role of Egypt’s Christian church, as the debate surrounding Copts joining 30 June protests grows. “God is the Lord of history, the adjudicator of history and the leader of the movement of history,” the pope said during a Council of Churches meeting on Tuesday. […]

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Copts will attend 30 June protests

June 13, 2013 News

Al-Masry Al-Youm – 13/6/13 Senior leaders in Egypt’s Orthodox Church denominational council have announced they will join opposition groups’ 30 June protests to demand early presidential elections. However, the church establishment had not urged Copts to attend demonstrations, preferring to leave it to each member of the congregations personal convictions. Council member Mohsen George said Copts […]

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Report: Bullets from automatic weapons killed Copts in Khosous

April 8, 2013 Featured News

Al-Masry Al-Youm – 8/4/13 Khosous district prosecutors in Qalyubiya Governorate received the initial forensic report on victims of bloody clashes that took place there Friday, which left a Muslim and four Copts dead, and seven others injured. The report said the four Copts were killed by bullets from automatic weapons. The bullets went through the bodies […]

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In constitution debate, Al-Azhar gets high praise from church leaders

July 13, 2012 Featured News

Al-Masry Al-Youm 12/07/2012 Coptic Orthodox Church representatives serving on the Constituent Assembly have welcomed a proposal that would enshrine Islam as the state religion but also protect the right of Christians and Jews to follow their religious codes. Article 2 of the new constitution would be much like that of the 1971 Constitution, stating that […]

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Grand mufti: Morsy should address Copts’ fears

June 27, 2012 Featured News

Al-Masry Al-Youm 27/06/2012 President-elect Mohamed Morsy should address the fears of his Coptic “brothers” and their problems on the ground, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa said Wednesday. The mufti said Morsy alone would not be able to reform the country or address problems faced by average citizens, and that he needs nationwide support, according to statements […]

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Church extends voter registration for papal election

June 22, 2012 Featured News

Photographed by AFP Al-Masry Al-Youm 21/06/2012 The Coptic Orthodox Church on Wednesday extended the voter registration process for papal elections from June to mid-July. The new pope will succeed Pope Shenouda III, who died on 17 March at the age of 89, after a long struggle with disease. The extension will allow Copts in Russia […]

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Pope Shenouda undergoes medical examinations in US

January 17, 2012 News

Al-Masry Al-Youm Staff 16/01/2012 Pope Shenouda III, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, underwent medical examinations on his heart and kidneys at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic in the United States on Monday. “Doctors will assess the pope’s state of health over several hours after undergoing the medical examination,” a church source told Al-Masry Al-Youm. Speaking […]

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Egyptian churches embrace Al-Azhar basic freedoms document

January 13, 2012 Featured News

Al-Masry Al-Youm Staff 12/01/2012 Egypt’s three major churches and the Maspero Youth Union have come out in support of Al-Azhar’s proposed basic freedoms document, which lays out a basic framework for respecting freedom of belief and expression in Egypt. The Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical churches all support the document, and the Maspero Youth Union said […]

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Pope Shenouda to invite Salafis to attend Christmas

December 28, 2011 News

Al-Masry Al-Youm Staff 28/12/2011 The Coptic Orthodox Church will send out invitations to presidential hopefuls and all political parties, including Salafi ones, to attend the Christmas holy mass on 7 January, a papal source told Al-Masry Al-Youm. The source said that Pope Shenouda III insisted on inviting both Muslim and Coptic Egyptians to the celebration. […]

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Coptic Church to support independents in run-off Elections

December 5, 2011 Featured News

Ragab Ramadan 04/12/2011 The Coptic Orthodox Church will support independent candidates in Alexandria against Islamist parties in the run-offs for the first phase of the parliamentary elections, according to Kamil Seddiq Sawiris, secretary of the church’s Coptic Ecclesiastical Council. The first phase began on 28 November and has seen the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice […]

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Church not directing Copts to vote for certain candidates, says bishop

November 27, 2011 Featured News

Emad Khalil 26/11/2011 The Coptic Orthodox Church said Saturday it is not specifying a list of candidates for Coptic adherents to vote for in the upcoming parliamentary elections and is merely calling on Copts to vote. Recent rumors that the church is directing Copts to vote for certain candidates are not true, Bishop Morkos, a […]

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Alexandria churches to promote Coptic participation in Elections

November 7, 2011 News

07/11/2011 Orthodox churches in the coastal city of Alexandria have launched an awareness campaign aiming to encourage Coptic Christians to take part in the parliamentary elections scheduled to begin on 28 November. The churches will implement their campaign through what they are calling “citizenship committees” formed by activists and young volunteers, which will urge Copts […]

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Coptic pope cancels ordainment anniversary over Maspero violence

October 31, 2011 News

Emad Khalil 31/10/2011 The head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Shenouda III, has decided to cancel celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of his ascension to the post, a church source told Al-Masry Al-Youm. The pope canceled the event, scheduled for 14 November, over the death of 27 people – mostly Coptic protesters – in […]

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Copts demanding right to divorce will collectively leave Church

August 14, 2011 Featured News

Emad Khalil Yomna Mokhtar 13/08/2011 The Right to Life Movement, a Coptic group, said a large number of its members will collectively leave the Coptic Orthodox Church, while retaining their Christianity, in response to the Church’s refusal to permit divorce and second marriages except in cases of adultery. A senior bishop, who asked not to […]

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Copts alarmed by rise in young female converts to Islam

August 9, 2011 Featured News
Photographed by Mohamed Abdel Ghany

Alastair Beach 08/08/2011 The video footage is blurred and shaky, but there is no mistaking the identity of the two young girls. Sitting in what appears to be a busy city square and speaking above a cacophony of car horns, Christine and Nancy Fathy explain to the camera why they have run away from their […]

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Four men arrested in connection with sectarian clashes in Upper Egypt

June 28, 2011 News

26/06/2011 Egyptian security sources said on Sunday that four men had been arrested for their alleged involvement in sectarian clashes that erupted in Sohag governorate, Upper Egypt, on Saturday. Nine others are said to have been identified as involved in the clashes. The crisis in Sogah erupted between Muslims and Copts in the Awlad Khalaf […]

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Sectarian violence kills 2 in Shubra

June 27, 2011 Featured News

27/06/2011 Sectarian clashes between a number of Muslims and Coptic Christians resurfaced in the Fateh district of Shubra al-Kheima on Monday, after two Muslims were shot and killed by a Copt on Sunday. Security forces surrounded the area, imposed a security cordon around churches in the area and arrested seven Muslims and Copts carrying weapons. […]

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First international Coptic bank to be established in Sweden

November 24, 2010 News

23/11/2010 A group of Coptic businessmen resident in Stockholm, Sweden have established an investment company with the aim of launching the first international Coptic bank–to be called “International Egypt One Bank”–with a preliminary budget of 100 million euros. Investors in the project include Egyptian businessmen living in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Holland, the US and Egypt, […]

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Egyptian churches praise US report on religious Freedoms

November 19, 2010 News

Amr Bayoumi 19/11/2010 Egyptian churches welcomed, for the first time, the American religious freedom report, stressing that Christians face discrimination in Egypt, and that the Egyptian government bears responsibility for Egypt’s poor ranking because the government has ignored past criticism and failed to address legitimate concerns. A senior bishop in the Orthodox Church who requested […]

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Coptic Bishop’s Trip to Jerusalem may Contravene Church Ban

October 15, 2010 News

By: Benjamin Peim 14/10/2010 Bishop Theodosius of Giza traveled to Israel for medical treatment and to visit Christian holy sites; the Church bars pilgrimage to the Jewish state. A Coptic bishop has violated a Coptic ban on visiting Israel on his recent trip to Jerusalem, reported an Egyptian newspaper. Coptic Bishop of Giza, Theodosius, traveled […]

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