Syrian Armenians care no effort to ensure the security of Armenian churches


YEREVAN, JULY 31, ARMENPRESS: The clashes and shellings in Syrian Aleppo city are ongoing. As press secretary of National Prelacy of Aleppo Zhirayr Reisyan told at the briefing with Armenpress, both Assad loyalists and rebel forces are strengthening their position in the country. What refers to Aleppo based Armenians, the condition remains the same, the conflicts have not penetrated into Armenian districts and fortunately have not served an arena of onslaught.

Our national, religious authorities are going to monitor their supervision aimed at ensuring security of Syrian Armenians. Already an Emergency Situation Body is being established, stipulated to show assistance not only Armenians, but the ones who have left their apartments, found shelter in other places’’ Primacy press secretary noted. Syrian Armenian community cares no effort to ensure the security of Armenian churches and monuments as well.

Fortunately not an Armenian church, monument was damaged, yet the city life, traffic and economy were paralyzed, hindering the community life hood. The press secretary dwelled on accommodating the immigrants in schools, underscoring only Syrian State schools are taken into the consideration. ‘’ Two or three Armenian schools make a small number as compared with thousands of Syrian schools, yet in the case of necessity the areas of Armenian educational institutions will be utilized later on’’ the interlocutor noted.

Reisyan expressed concern that Syrian Armenian immigration may cause difficulties in their integration activities, in addition,’’ Syrian Armenian do not wish to see their Community destroyed’’.

In accordance with Syrian Human Rights Defense Organization the ongoing clashes have resulted in the death of over 17 thousand 192 people. By the info of Arab mass media 11 thousand 897 were peaceful civilians, while 4348 were security officers. Among the victims there were 7 Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries. Because of lasting disturbances in Syria a number of people are leaving the country, getting refugee status in other countries. Recently Syrian Armenian Community representatives are also quitting the state. The applications submitted from Syria by our compatriots are being envisaged by accelerated procedure, at least within ten days.