Synod of the Latvian Orthodox Church makes statement on the current situation in the country

In the context of the recent developments in the country the Synod of the Latvian Orthodox Church made a statement, noting in particular that though the Church in Latvia is separated from the state, she ‘is a part of the Latvian society and has no right to stand aside at the difficult time for the entire world and our young nation.’

‘The Latvian Orthodox Church prays to the Lord to grant peace and well-being to Latvia. Every day we celebrate prayer services to the holy martyr Ioann (Pommer), archbishop of Riga and Latvia, a deputy of the Latvian Seym during his lifetime. We pray for wisdom to be bestowed upon the authorities to settle the current situation in Latvia,’ – says the document.

The statement published on the official website of the Latvian Orthodox Church calls upon residents of the country ‘to solve all emerging problems only by peaceful means of negotiations and respect one another.’

‘Let us not forget that throughout its existence humanity has passed through many military, economical social and political upheavals. And every time, when the believers turned to God, they got out of any upheaval with dignity,’ – the Statement continues to say. The authors underscore that humanity that has forgotten God must bethink of its Creator, who said, Apart from me you can do nothing (Jn 15:5). In their opinion, the recurrent world crises remind humanity of the necessity to remember its Creator and offer up prayers of repentance.