SVS Press Strengthens Presence in the United Kingdom

(L to R) Dn. Gregory, Alan Mordue, Jenny Monds, Emily Button (Sarum College Bookshop), Steve Ayers (Baker Publishing)

March 2015

In his sales trip to the United Kingdom, the Reverend Dn. Gregory Hatrak, director of Marketing and Operations for SVS Press and Bookstore, was reminded once again of the far reach of St. Vladimir’s Seminary’s publishing house. “I visited major bookshops in London, such as the large stores in Westminster Cathedral. Walking into a store without anyone touring with me, I was greeted with warmth and recognition as soon as I said I was from SVS Press.

“Our distribution agreement with The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) has allowed us to reach more shops and stores in the UK,” continued Dn. Gregory, referring to the increasingly positive and productive relationship SVS Press enjoys with its UK distributor. “Our sales from that part of the world, both in parishes and the major universities and colleges, have been steadily increasing. We will soon be launching an online presence for SVS Press in the UK through the SPCK, which will expand our reach even further.” A venerable English publishing institution, SPCK was founded in 1698 and is under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Deacon Gregory connected with the greater Orthodox community while in London, serving at the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers in the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava. He also took the opportunity to strengthen the Press’s Anglican connections, through visits to the Anglican institutions of Sarum College and the Winchester and Salisbury Cathedrals. He was graciously received by his English hosts: Jenny Monds, director of Learning Resources at Sarum College; William Cole, Resources Room coordinator at the Winchester Cathedral; and Alan Mordue, the SVS Press sales representative in the UK. Both at the College and the Cathedrals, the presence of SVS Press books was in evidence.

“We are delighted that the Press is making inroads in the UK religious market,” concluded Dn. Gregory after returning to the U.S, “and that our books will increasingly find their way into the hands of inquirers and faithful Orthodox Christians ‘across the pond.'”