Students of Protagonists Orthodox School in Albania felicitated

March-April 2015

11 Students of the “Protagonists” Albanian-American High School take the GOLD Certificate of the TOEFL Junior

On March 5th, 2015, twenty high school students of the “Protagonists” Albanian-American school were given the chance to test their English proficiency. This opportunity came through the TOEFL Junior pilot program.

The students’ results were excellent, thanks to their hard work and the dedication of their English Teachers over the years. Three of the six English teachers as well as the director of this school are Americans.

In recognition of their outstanding achievement a special ceremony was held in their honor at Protagonists School on Monday, March 23rd. Special guest, Deputy Minister of Education and sports, Mrs. Nora Malaj was present at this ceremony along with the Protagonists High School students, the English staff, and many parents.

After Mrs. Malaj congratulated all the students on their results, the American and Albanian organizers of the TOEFL Junior presented eleven of the students with the Gold Award certificate. Students who received this award had gotten more than 845 points out of the total 900 points.

These certificates are valid and the test is a good preparation for their upcoming Final State Exams that the senior class must take this summer. After 13 years in existence, this is the first year that Protagonists School has a graduating class.