Solemn Service For Poet Mihai Eminescu In Vienna


Iulian Dumitrascu – Romanian Orthodox Press Center – June 2016

Poet Mihai Eminescu was commemorated in Vienna, Wednesday, 15 June 2016.

In front of the Romanian Orthodox church of Vienna there is a bust of poet Mihai Eminescu. Yesterday, 15 June 2016, Rev Nicolae Dura and Rev Emanuel Nutu celebrated the solemn remembrance service for our national poet from whose passing away it was 127 years.

Every day of 15 June makes us remember the Morning Star of the Romanian poetry, mention him in our prayers, and plunge into his poems. A solemn remembrance service was celebrated at the Vesper time, in front of the Romanian Orthodox church of Vienna and of the bust of the great poet, so that God may raise his soul in the light of the Most Holy Trinity. The representatives of the Embassies of Romania and Moldova in Austria, of the Romanian Cultural Institute, of Mihai Eminescu Association and of “Jurnalul Romanesc” newspaper participated. Persons attached to poetry found time to pray together for our beloved poet. After the religious service wreaths of flowers and bunches of flowers were laid as sign of appreciation and eternising poet Eminescu”, rev Emanuel Nutu of Vienna said.

The bust of Mihai Eminescu by sculptor Virgilius Moldovan was inaugurated in 2003.

We mention the fact that the bust of poet Mihai Eminescu was wisely laid in front of the Romanian church of Vienna on Thursday, 26 September 2013, in one of the streets where our great poet, prose writer, and journalist Mihai Eminescu used to walk during his student years in Vienna. The bust was carved with much skilfulness by a Romanian too, sculptor Virgilius Moldovan, at the initiative and with the support of Mrs Laura Hant, president of “Mihai Eminescu” Cultural Association – rev Emanuel Nutu also said.