Seven Ethiopian Orthodox Churches Burned down in Ethiopia’s Somali Region: Many Killed & Several Injured

Menetasnot Desta (Chief Administrator of the OCP Amharic Service) – 7/8/18

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia: Seven EOTC Churches burned and an unknown number of servants and faithful were injured or killed in Jijiga (Ethiopian Somali State).

It was reported that in a conflict that took place between Ethiopian Somali people and Special Forces (Liyu Haile) of President Abdi Mohamoud Omar of the Somali region (from last Saturday up to Monday). Several media’s reported that it is an ethnic conflict between Omoro and Somali population. The Ethiopian Patriarchate stated that around seven Ethiopian Churches were burned and several priests and faithful were either injured or killed.

In a press release (on 7th August) press release and laity on the beginning of fasting of assumption or “filseta”. Patriarch and the Holy Synod condemned the violence and declared 16-day prayer during the fasting season (Dormition fasting of the Holy Theotokos) to attain peace and reconciliation in Jijiga.

More than 20 thousand Ethiopians currently depend on Jigjiga’s St. Michael ETOC for their safety and security.

According to Mr. Ahmed Shieda, the Minister of Federal Communications,  the government have deployed federal police forces to maintain peace and security in the region. Some sources claim that the conflict has accelerated as a result of Somali province President’s effort to convert the region into a separate independent state.

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