Serbian Patriarch Irinej Express Solidarity With The Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Menetasnot Desta – (Chief Administrator – OCP Amharic Service) – OCP News Service – 24/11/2019

Addis Abba-Ethiopia: Abune Mathias of Ethiopia received His Excellency Alexander Resitich (the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Ethiopia) and his deputy Mrs. Sevatlanayovich. During their meeting, the Ambassador Resitich handed over the message of solidarity from Patriarch Irinej of Serbia. The Serbian Patriarch expressed his solidarity to the Patriarchs of Ethiopia, the venerable members of the Holy Synod and to the Ethiopian Orthodox faithful.

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In his letter, the Serbian Patriarch condemned the recent brutal attacks on the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians.

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The Patriarch stated that the ongoing crisis in the Church would result in opposing those attackers and also underlined that “We adore our right, and we fight for equality” and also stated that “what kind of benefits can be gained by denying the rights of the people and by degrading the faithful”? The Patriarch offered prayers for peace and reconciliation.

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