Serbian Patriarch: I am delighted to be in Montenegro together with the Patriarch of Antioch

Church of Serbia – 15/10/18

His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Irinej said in an interview given for to the Montenegrin media in the Cetinje monastery that he was delighted to be in Montenegro together with the Patriarch Jovan X of Antioch and All-East.

“I used to live here before 1969/1970 as a principal of the Ostrog monastery, when I had an opportunity to visit almost the entire of Montenegro, from which my mother comes, and consequently I have close ties with Montenegro. I am glad that present Montenegro in relation to the then Montenegro concerning the Church life is something that is normal for a democratic country, that it has a living Church, that it has the priesthood, monasticism.

I am delighted to be here together with the Patriarch of Antioch, Patriarch of the ancient Christian Apostolic Church, who brings us his blessings and His desire that unanimity, peace, and love should prevail among our peoples, what is normal, because we are one nation, although we are geographically divided, but that does not mean that we are spiritually divided. We should support each other and be a people that the Lord Christ and our history expect and want us to be,” concluded His Holiness.