Serbian Orthodox Church will always respect their true friends



Church of Serbia – 27/2/18

On 14 February this year Bishop Teodosije bestowed upon the Italian Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Danilo Errico the highest award of the Serbian Orthodox Church – The Medal of the Holy Emperor Constantine (the first Christian Roman Emperor who was born on the territory of today’s Serbia).

General Errico as the former KFOR Commander has demonstrated the most sincere respect to the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian people and has given a profound contribution to the reconstruction of our vandalized monasteries, the protection of Peć Patriarchate and Dečani Monastery and has acted as a trusted witness of truth on the post-war suffering of our people in Kosovo and Metohija. Lieutenant General Danilo Errico was honored by the decision of the the Serbian Patriarch Iriney on 23 January upon initiative of Bishop of Raška-Prizren Teodosije.

The ceremony at the KFOR Military base “Villagio Italia” near Peć was attended by the current KFOR Commander the Major General Salvatore Cuoci (Italian Army), military representatives of other KFOR contingents, the Archbishop of the Italian Military Ordinariate Santo Marciano, the Abbot of Visoki Dečani Monastery Fr. Sava Janjić with his monks and two nuns from Peć Patriarchate Monastery. The Medal of the Holy Emperor Constantine is the Chi-Ro (Greek ΧΡ) Symbol of Christ, the sign which Emp. Constantine used first time in Roman History at the Milvian Bridge Battle near Rome in 312 with addition of letters A and Ω symbolizing Christ as the beginning and end of all. Serbian Orthodox Church and her people will always respect their true friends and General Errico is one of them.

Visoki Dečani Monastery