Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates Vavedenje on December 4th

Inserbia – 12/4/13

Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the Presentation of Mary (Vavedenje) on December 4. The feast symbolizes bringing three-year-old Mary to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Vavedenje is celebrated by the monastery Hilandar and others, as well as many families. According to Christian legend, the presentation of the Virgin in the Temple followed, besides parents Joachim and Anna, many relatives and friends who traveled three days from Nazareth to Jerusalem.

Mary remained in the temple for nine years. Since her parents died in the meantime, priests decided to marry Mary to an 80-year-old widow Joseph, who already had grown children.

Mary lived in Joseph’s home as she had lived in the temple – she was the first nun to dedicate her life to God.

In eastern Serbia people predicted harvest crops based on the weather on Vavedenje – clear sky promises a good harvest.