Serbian bishop criticizes NATO expansion and says his people will never support anti-Russian sanctions

Bishop Irinej of Backa

Bishop Irinej of Backa

Moscow, December 15, Interfax – Bishop Irinej of Backa (the Serbian Orthodox Church) says his people are against sanctions directed against Russia and sees treachery in expansion of NATO.

“Serbian people are against any sanctions, that is why we are so often punished, they don’t trust us, they think Serbia will never be against Russians. And in this sense they are right. We will never be against Russia. Certainly, these conclusions and decisions are not always pleasant for us, but what we can do!” the bishop said in his interview with Interfax-Religion.

He reminded that Serbian leaders did not accept demands of the West to support anti-Russian sanctions. The hierarch also said that West deceived “Gorbachev and first post-Soviet leaders.”

“They promised, but it seems to me it wasn’t correctly fixed, that NATO won’t be expanded even to entire Germany. They firmly promised that it won’t be expanded to Western Europe and former Soviet republics. However, they show that they want to set up their presence very close to Moscow and it is clear that the powerful state reacts on it,” he added.