Schedules for Holy Week and Easter – 2018 at the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

by Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE on March 29, 2018

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Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem – 29/3/18

Timetable of the Holy Week and Easter 2018, Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Saturday March 31
2.40 pm                Solemn Entry of His Beatitude into the Holy Sepulchre and Evening Vespers in        the Armenian Gallery

Palm Sunday April 1
5.30 am                  Entry of the Patriarchal Vicar to the Holy Sepulchre;  Service in the Armenian Gallery
8.00 am                  His Beatitude enters the Holy Sepulchre; Holy Mass in the Armenian Gallery
11.30 am               Procession around the Holy Aedicule
5.00 pm                 Opening of the curtains of the altars and icons in St. James Cathedral

Tuesday April 3
8.00 am                  Divine Liturgy in the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist in the courtyard of the        Holy Sepulchre; hereafter Procession for the Pilgrims

Maundy Thursday April 5
9.00 am                  Solemn Episcopal Mass in St. James Cathedral
2.30 pm                 Ceremony of the Washing of the Feet in St. James Cathedral
4.30 pm                 Procession from Deir Ez-Zeitune (House of Annas) via Zion Gate to the House of Caiaphas in St. Saviour’s Monastery and back.
7.00 pm                 Solemn Mourning Service in St. James Cathedral

Good Friday April 6
12.15 pm               Service of the Holy Crucifixion in the Armenian Gallery of the Holy Sepulchre
4.00 pm                 Solemn Burial Service of the Lord in St. James Cathedral

Holy Saturday April 7
8.00 am                  The Chief Dragoman accompanied by clergymen go in procession to the                  Holy Sepulchre to open the doors of the Church of the Basilica
10.30 am               His Beatitude the Armenian Patriarch enters the Holy Sepulchre
1.00 pm                 Ceremony of the Holy Fire
2.45 pm                 Holy Mass in the Armenian Gallery, Holy Sepulchre
3.30 pm                 Holy Mass in St. James Cathedral

Easter Sunday April 8 Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
1.30 am                  Entry of the Patriarchal Vicar to the Holy Sepulchre, Service in the Armenian Gallery
3.30 am                  Processions around the Holy Tomb
5.45 am                  Entry of His Beatitude the Patriarch into the Holy Sepulchre
6.00 am                  High Mass in front of the Aedicule
3.00 pm                 Blessing of the Corners of the World Service, starting in St. James Cathedral to the Courtyard

Monday April 9 Pilgrims’ Liturgy
9.00 am                  Divine Liturgy in St. James Cathedral, celebrated by His Beatitude the Armenian Patriarch, followed by a Solemn Procession with the Holy Relics

Tuesday April 10
8.30 am                  Divine Liturgy and Requiem Service in St. James Cathedral



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