Saint Nicholas – Joy For The Children Hospitalized At Fundeni Oncological Institute

Church of Romania

Thursday, 4 December 2014, the shrine of the right hand of Saint Hierarch Nicholas from “Saint George” – the New of Bucharest was brought to “Alexandru Trestioreanu” Oncological Institute – Fundeni of Bucharest for the comfort and joy of the children hospitalized at the Section of onco-paediatry – “Lumina” newspaper informs.

Besides the blessing of Saint Nicholas, the children suffering from cancer received presents consisting of toys, small icons, books for children, sweets, fruits, etc, by care and love of rev Emil Nedelea Caramizaru, parish priest of “Saint George” the New church of Bucharest, and of rev Gheorghe Subtirica, priest of charity at the chapel dedicated to “Saint Dimitrie, the Myrrh Bearer” and to “Saint Filip the Apostle” of the Fundeni Oncological Institute. “One day before the celebration of Saint Hierarch Nicholas we have come here with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, to bring a ray of light and hope and spiritual comfort. Saint Nicholas wanted to come to this place of sufferance, where there are children who suffer a lot because of this terrible disease. I have seen on their faces – marked by the sufferance of the disease and by the hard treatments they are submitted to – the light of joy, when I offered them the presents and when they saw the good Saint Nicholas, their protector, present here through his holy relics. In fact, Saint Hierarch Nicholas is amid the sick children here, where his blessing and that of the Holy Church are needed”, Rev Emil Nedelea Caramizaru, parish priest of “Saint Gheorghe” – the New of Bucharest said.

The shrine of the holy relics was also taken to the chapel of “Saint Dimitrios, the Myrrh Bearer” and of “Saint Filip the Apostle”, where many faithful hospitalized could pray. “This initiative of the Church is a great blessing and joy for all of us. We feel very happy because Saint Nicholas wanted to come to our chapel and to this hospital where it is so much sufferance. Both the patients and the physicians realise that we need the help of God, of the Mother of God and of all saints so badly. We do appreciate this event so much the more as we know it is rather hard to bring the relics of Saint Hierarch Nicholas from “Saint Gheorghe” – the New church here, to us, so that we thank all the priests who understood that and did such a wonderful thing. We hope in the protection of Saint Nicholas and in many wonders from him”, Cristina Ianculescu, medical oncology physician told us.