Saint Martyr Philotheia celebrated at Curtea de Argeş

Church of Romania – December 2015

On the Feast of St Martyr Philotheia, 07 December 2015, the Divine Liturgy was concelebrated at the Archdiocesan Cathedral in Curtea de Argeş by His Eminence Calinic, Archbishop of Argeș and Muscel, His Grace Visarion, Bishop of Tulcea, and His Grace Paisie of Lugoj, Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Timişoara, surrounded by an assembly of priests and deacons, as the official website of the Archdiocese informs (

In the morning, the reliquary containing the relics of Saint Martyr Philotheia was placed for veneration in a baldachin, located in front of the Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral, where there were officiated: the service of the blessing of water, the Sacrament of Holy Unction and the Akathist Hymn to St Martyr Philotheia.

His Grace Bishop Visarion delivered a sermon referring to the life of this young martyr for Christ, while His Grace Bishop Paisie of Lugoj thanked His Eminence Archbishop Calinic for the fraternal calling to prayer.

At his turn, Archbishop Calinic of Argeş and Muscel firstly thanked God, and secondly addressed thanks to the present hierarchs and pilgrims, who have shown their great godliness and love towards the Saintette of Argeş.

“During the difficult times of our lives, we always address to our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. The believers who have faith and come to these feasts, and joyfully set their hope in Him, they wouldn’t have labored, they wouldn’t have long stood, they wouldn’t have shown godliness, if they didn’t experience the presence of God and the help of the Saints in their lives. That is why they come with all their love to venerate the Saints and to thank God”, His Eminence also said.

In the afternoon of the same day, the reliquary with the relics of St Martyr Philotheia was carried in solemn procession to the Parekklesion (chapel) of Curtea de Argeş Monastery.