Saint John The Baptist Is The Vigil State Of The Church Conscience

Romanian Church

On 7 January, the Orthodox faithful celebrate Saint Prophet John the Baptist. The history of the Church mentions him as the last prophet of the Old Testament. He baptised Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and told the world He was the much expected Messiah.

In the sermon delivered at the historical chapel of the Patriarchal Residence His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel evoked the example worthy following of the life of Saint John the Baptist.

“Saint John the Baptist is the protector of all those who suffer, who cannot adapt their thought to the state of the decayed world. He fought alone in a corrupted decayed society. He was the voice of the one who shouted in the desert, the voice of God who wakes up confused consciences and devastated souls, just because of the lack of the relationship of their souls with God, the source of life. Saint John the Baptist has a spiritual value for the entire Church and represents the state of vigil of the Church conscience. He is also a fighter against sin and passions. He is also a fighter against everything that degrades the human nature and estranges it from God. On this day of Saint John the Baptist blessed by God we pray Jesus Christ, our Saviour, that the prayers of Saint John the Baptist give us strong faith, ardent prayer and the fulfilment of the will of God in our life, urging us to repent, to improve ourselves in order to get the blessed kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity, the light, love and eternal peace of the merciful love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit for our salvation”, said the Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church, as Trinitas Radio station informs us.

Over two million of Romanians bear the name of John, Joan or other names derived. On this occasion, the Patriarch of Romania conveyed them all best wishes: “We convey best wishes of good health, joy and help of God in every good thing to all those bearing the name of John or Joan and derived names, wishing them all many years of life in good health for the glory of God and for our salvation”.

The predecessor of the Lord is also the one who shows us the difference between the Baptism of repentance, with the water of the River Jordan, and the Christian one, about which he says it will be “with Holy Spirit and fire”.