Russian bishop describes Azerbaijan as ‘peace-loving’

Bishop Alexander


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Azerbaijan has praised the country’s openness towards different faiths and ethnic groups.

All the traditions and cultures present in Azerbaijan make their contribution towards the development of the republic and strengthening of its sovereignty, Bishop Alexander of the Russian Orthdox Church Eparchy of Baku and the Caspian said at a Christmas reception in Baku.

The event was organized by the Eparchy on Monday for representatives of diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan and of other religious confessions.

“Last year was special in the history of Azerbaijan, since it was not only a period of economic achievements and political success, but [Azerbaijan] showed its inner peace-loving nature to the whole world once again,” the bishop said.

Bishop Alexander noted that Azerbaijan was a multi-ethnic and multi-faith state.

“A love of peace is a positive assessment of most components of the history and culture of Azerbaijan,” he said.

Recalling the international summit of religious leaders held last April in Baku, Bishop Alexander said that the event “could be held in Azerbaijan because of the republic’s openness towards other cultures and traditions”. “Azerbaijan is ready to show what a people can do, what a country can do, if it has inter-ethnic and inter-faith tolerance,” the Russian Orthodox leader said.