Romanian Academy holds Solemn Session: Patriarch Daniel speaks about the Church’s involvement in achieving national independence


Aurelian Iftimiu – Basilica News Agency – 11/5/17

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, participated Tuesday in the solemn session held at the Romanian Academy entitled 140 years since Romania proclaimed its independence. Royalty in Romania.

Academician Victor Spinei opened the session that took place at the Aula of the Romanian Academy.

The Patriarch as honorary member of the Academy took the floor and stressed the fact that the Church has supported Romania “through word and deed” to acquire its independence.

The Romanian Orthodox Church, whose contribution to the fulfillment of the great national ideals is, unfortunately, insufficiently known, first worked to achieve the independence and unity of the Romanian nation, and then worked for the recognition of her own external rights and dignity, Patriarch Daniel said May 9.

His Beatitude urged everyone to appreciate and cultivate national values that have been achieved through sacrifices.

 All Romanian citizens, all state institutions and all religious denominations have the duty to keep and cultivate the sacred gift of national independence as an act of justice and a symbol of the dignity of the Romanian people, obtained with many human sacrifices and with many spiritual, material efforts, for the wellbeing of Romania and the joy of Romanians everywhere.

Academicians Dan Berindei, Ioan-Aurel Pop, Eugen Simion and Răzvan Theodorescu gave other speeches on the independence of Romania and on royalty.