Restricted Internet Use for Clergy Members of the Church of Greece

Restricted Internet Use for Clergy Members

January 2014

The Greek Orthodox Church Holy Synod issued a formal notice which limits the internet use allowed to clerics and monks. In its notice, the Holy Synod stated certain restrictions regarding online discussions and comments that members of the clergy make using divisive speech, propagandism or partisan faction promotions.

“Monks are not allowed to express themselves, even by means of the Internet in any way which may lead to alienation from their ascetic promise, or involve themselves in worldly issues, which may affect the nature of monasticism,” stated the notice.

This decision targeted several websites that can be found on the internet which offer online confessions or candle lighting.

Meanwhile, the notice also included restrictions regards parish website, which from now on will only be organized after receiving formal approval, while their only aim will be to inform parishioners about rations and catechesis programs or about the history of the church, without presenting any individuals.

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