Restoration of the church of St. George – Slava of Novi Sad

Serbian Church

On the day of the Patron Saint’s Day of Novi Sad, the feast day of the Restoration of the church of Holy Great Martyr George, November 3/16, 2011 , the head of the Church of God in Novi Sad and Backa, His Grace Bishop Dr Irinej of Backa served the Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral Church in Novi Sad.

Congratulating all the residents of God’s saved city of Novi Sad their slava, Bishop Irinej said in his sermon that today’s liturgical commemoration of the restoration of the church of St. George was related to an ancient mutual history of the Church. Reminding the present that few years ago in the City Hall, with the blessing of the Church and by a mutual prayer, the slava was worthily commemorated. Bishop Irinej expressed a regret because the actual representatives of the city justify their non-churchliness and non-catholicity with so-called private and closed celebration of the slava of the city.

During the Holy Liturgy, Bishop Irinej ordained deacon Igor Ignjatov, brother of the church of Sts. Cyrill and Methodius and the officer of the Diocesan administrative committee of the Diocese of Backa.

The Liturgy in the Cathedral church, besides monsignor Djura Gasparevic, bishop of Srem, many figures from the public life of Novi Sad were present.