Re-consecration of the Church of the Annunciation and Saint Martyr Ecaterina of Giulesti district of Bucharest

On 25 November 2012, hundreds of faithful attended the re-consecration of the church of the “Annunciation” and of “Saint Martyr Ecaterina” situated in Giulesti district of Bucharest.

The religious service was celebrated by the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church assisted by a group of priests and deacons.
To end with, His Beatitude appreciated the efforts made for restoring and bedecking the place of worship.

“We celebrated, with God’s grace, the re-consecration of this church dedicated to the Annunciation and to Saint Great Martyr Ecaterina whom we celebrate today. This re-consecration was done after much work for consolidating, general repairing, and bedecking the church as a result of the efforts of the servant priests who celebrates here and of the desire, faith and contribution of the faithful of this parish”, His Beatitude said, as Trinitas Radio informs us.

After the consecration service the faithful received the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and according to the church order, they waited to go into the holy altar to pray.

The newly consecrated church was built at the beginning of the last century. It suffered a lot because of the air raids in 1944 and of the earthquakes, but it was restored every time. The latest repairs began in 2009 and consisted in an extended process of consolidation, and remaking of the inner painting.

The Patriarch of Romania awarded parish priest Lucian Gheorghe the church order of “Saint Steven the Great” as a reward for the efforts made for restoring the place of worship.