Rally to rebuild Greek Orthodox Church destroyed by 9/11 Terrorist Attacks


Greek Americans have one thing to say to the Port Authority of New York and : rebuild their Ground Zero church and Sunday people in were signing a petition to get that message heard.

The American Citizens of Greek heritage, and Philhellenes, the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), has joined the national campaign to request the Port Authority of new York and new Jersey to resume negotiations to rebuild the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was the only house of worship destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Talks to rebuild this church recently came to a halt after officials killed a deal to relocate the church.

Signatures from all across the nation are being collected and will then be presented to the Port Authority with hopes of resuming negotiations.
“We’ve had problems with the and New Jersey Port Authority to rebuild this church. We don’t know why there is so much red tape. This church has been there, they own the land and this church should be rebuilt,” Stefan Kalogridis, AHEPA Chapter No. 140 President, said.

“We must get the presence of the Greek and Orthodox community, the Orthodox Catholic Community back where it has been for 90 years or more,” John McEneny, New York State Assembly, said. “It’s my childhood…to me if it was there it belongs there and I don’t understand what the red tape is all about. Not allowing it to be rebuilt,” Debbie Socaris, Voorheesville, said.

When asked how they feel about the debate on the Mosque to be built near Ground Zero Kalogridis said, ”The Mosque does not affect this, the only way it affects this is that you hear more news about the mosque and not about St. Nicholas Church that was already there in Ground Zero and was destroyed by the terrorist attacks,” Kalogridis said.

We reached out to the Port Authority but, they were unavailable for comment.
Organizers of Sunday’s event said so far they collected about 150 signatures. 
To find out how you can get involved visit: http://ahepa.org/CutTheRedTape