Putin and Russia church lobby Greeks to “reconsider” Ephraim imprisonment

International News Desk

Abbot Ephraim the head of the world famous Vatopaidi Monastery on Mount Athos Greece, is still in an Athens jail, despite floods of protests from all over the world, with the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church leading the campaign to free the holy man.

Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, a friend of Abbot Ephraim has it is believed, actively lobbied the Greek Government to reconsider the imprisonment of the monk.

A campaign group in Russia called “Defend Mt. Athos” has been created with the primary aim to free Abbot Ephraim from Korydallos prison in Athens.

“The committee plans measures to draw public attention to Ephrem’s case and to alleged moves by the Greek government to infringe on the rights of Mt. Athos monks, the foundation said”, Interfax news reported on the creation of a Russian lobby group to free Abbot Ephraim,

“The measures would include seeking an international legal inquiry into Ephraim’s charges and asking the Russian government to “formulate its position on this matter.”

The committee represents, besides the Slavic Alphabet and Culture International Foundation, the Council of Orthodox Public Organizations, the March against Corruption group, the Night Wolves motorcycle club, the Union of Orthodox Fraternities, the Faith and Valor foundation for war veterans, and one more war veterans’ organization, Gallantry.

The London Daily News is also joining the calls of Russian organisations in protests to be held in London targeting the Greek Embassy this coming week.