Presbytra Rosy
Orthodox Mission Pakistan – 27/4/ 13

OCP News Service Exclusive

It was on 21st April 2013 , at 11 a.m. Fr John together with Presbytra Rosy reached the site where the First Orthodox church`s construction work is going on. They were welcomed by the Orthodox community as well as by all the Christian denominations and the Muslim community.

This ceremony was based on Peace, Love, Unity and sharing Orthodoxy with others. Fr.John used many symbols according to the Bible and culture which were indeed inspiring to all people.

In the beginning, according to our culture one of the Christian ladies and the other one a representative of the Muslim community tied flour wreath to the main door of the church. They promised that they would ever take care of this church. Then Presbytra Rosy covered their heads with black shawls and prayed that God may fulfill their holy wish and protect them in their mission.

An Anglican Pastor recited the Holy Bible and Presbytra Rosy explained to the audience about the Temple of God and its sanctity. She said that God has given a great present to Pakistan so we must come to worship God and prostrate before Him and enrich our bodies and souls with His Word by listening and reading it daily. She also mentioned that a temple is not a temple if we are not present in it and presence should be living presence not of the dead.

After reciting the Psalms there were five blocks especially prepared were presented by the elders of the community. The ceremony started by inviting the representatives of other denominations who filled these blocks with Holy soil from Jerusalem. Then other five people came who poured the Holy oil from the sepulcher of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Then Fr.John gave blessing with the Holy Water from the river Jordan. Then 4 people laid those blocks in the four corners which were left vacant to be filled in with these stone. The fifth block was laid in the Holy of Hollies by the eldest Orthodox from the community. The people rejoiced and sang Psalms while the priest was blessing in incensing the church under construction.

We cannot forget the four volunteers who are blessed by God to promote Orthodoxy together with Fr.John in this area. They were anointed in a special way to carry on their responsibilities as they already are doing their best.
After that Fr.John thanked all the participants who took a serious and hard step in Pakistan and mentioned in a particular way O C M C and people all over the world who have deep concern for the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan. He said that the work is not completed yet we still have to work hard. Let us work according to the signs of time and extend our hand towards all so that we can have Peace, Love, Unity and Truth in our Orthodox life. Come and see how sweet is the Lord.

At the end two baskets of sweets were offered to the participants presented by the Orthodox Church and the Muslim community.

Then at night the Orthodox community had a nice social gathering and they thanked God Almighty.
God bless us all. We are tremendously in need of your prayers.