President Vladimir Putin of Russia Elected World’s Most Powerful Person for the Third Term

President Putin with Patriarch Kirill

President Putin with Patriarch Kirill

Kisha D Dorado (OCP Delegate of  Belgrade, Serbia & Balkan)
OCP News Service- 04/11/15

Global: His Excellency Vladimir Putin – President of Russia, has been elected as world’s most powerful person for the third year running by Forbes.  Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany stands second, President Obama of USA stands third, Pope Francis of Vatican is in the fourth position, Xi Jinginping the Secretary of Chinese Community Party is fifth followed by other world leaders and eminent personalities.

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Vladimir Putin has been successful in attaining lead role in several world issues, particularly with Middle East issues, Syria, NSA and Ukraine. President Putin always had an upper hand over his Western counterparts.

Putin’s profound support to defend Christians worldwide and raising voice against persecution of Christians have earned him goodwill among millions of people. Moreover he is a staunch Orthodox Christian who is considered to be very close to the Moscow Patriarchate. During his tenure the Russian Government returned large number of properties back to the Russian Orthodox Church which was confiscated by the Soviet Authorities.

“The Most Powerful People in the World” is the annual list produced by Forebs magazine on the heads of state, CEOs and financiers, philanthropists and NGO chiefs, billionaires, and entrepreneurs who truly rule the world.

Russia is the worlds largest country and second largest military power. It has one of the biggest economies in the world.


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