President Sargsyan visits St. Etchmiadzin Church of Tbilisi

Gita Elibekyan

President Serzh Sargsyan and Mrs. Rita Sargsyan visited the St. Etchmiadzin Church in Tbilisi’s Havlabar district and participated in the ceremony of opening of Melik Mantashyan’s bust.

“A man who lived, created and invested all he had in the development of Armenian education and culture,” head of the Georgian Diocese Archbishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan said in his speech.

“History has shown that whatever we create, we must create in our Motherland. Everything beyond its borders is evanescent and temporary. What’s important is our Motherland,” he added.

“It’s a great honor for us to host the President of Armenia in this temple,” Archbishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan said, noting that it was one of the four churches that never closed its doors in Soviet times.

The head of the Georgian Diocese said Georgian Armenians attach great importance to the ties with the Motherland and expressed his gratitude to the Ministries of Diaspora, Culture and Education, adding that thanks to their efforts the “Hayartun” culture center and Armenian Sunday schools function in Georgia.

“I assure that Georgian Armenians support the Armenian Cause, the independence of the people of Artsakh and their reunification with the Motherland,” Archbishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan said.

President Serzh Sargsyan held a meeting with representatives of the local Armenian community. “The current favorable situation provides an opportunity to solve issues, which will, in turn, help the Armenian community of Javakhk persist,” the President said during the meeting.