Pope Wants to ‘Trick’ Orthodox Churches Through ‘Urgent’ Intercommunion



OCP News Service – 7/6/19

After his trip to Romania, Roman Papa Francis urged ‘urgent’ intercommunion with Eastern Orthodox Churches despite the fact that theological issues between both families of Churches remain unresolved. One of the biggest strength of the Orthodox Church is her theology. If Orthodox Churches compromise on theology and dogmatic teachings, in order to establish ‘communion’ with the Roman Church, then it will be nothing but a fragile and fake union.

Pope Francis is smart enough to invite Orthodox Churches for an ‘urgent’ Eucharistic unity by skipping the most difficult aspect, which is none other than the ongoing theological dialogues. The Vatican super brains have understood that the so-called diplomatic ecumenism is reaching nowhere. Hence, the easiest way to ‘pamper’ Orthodox Churches is through brotherhood and by using the charisma of Papa Francis. It is also easy to please some of the Orthodox Churches which are already in schism with their sister Churches.

The space provided by ‘schism’ is an easy playground and fertile pasture for the Papist to implement its ‘agenda of unity’. Some Orthodox ecumenist believes that there exists a fewer difference between Rome and Eastern Churches and hence unity should be given high priority. Moreover, the ongoing Christian persecution, war, and other religious problems are used as a ‘tool of unity’ by the Vatican Ecumenist for close communion and cooperation with Orthodox and Assyrian Churches. In 2016, at the height of Christian persecution in the Middle East, the Vatican made a failed attempt (through the Chaldean Catholic Rite) to bring the Assyrian Church under the Papal communion. The Assyrian Church leadership outrightly rejected any such union.

Pope Francis keeps on visiting the entire East European Orthodox hubs. Even though he failed in Georgia and Bulgaria to make an impression (largely because of the resistance from the Church leadership). He had a successful trip to Armenia and Romania.

It seems that the next Papal destinations will be Russia and Serbia. Russian President Putin will meet the Pope for the second time in July 2019 and it is speculated that one of the key agendas of the meeting will be none other than to discuss the ‘on-going preparations’ of the Papal entry to the Russian soil. It also seems that the Russians have already trained themselves to accept the Papal visit. However, Papacy faces vehement opposition in Serbia. It will be catastrophic for Orthodox Churches to allow Papal visits to Russia or to Serbia. There are far more urgent things that need high attention within the Orthodox communion. While Orthodox unity itself is in question, it will be suicidal to allow Pope to step his foot in Russia or Serbia. Patriarch Kiril and Patriarch Irinej is positive with the Roman Popes visit to Moscow and Belgrade.

In the light of recent uprising of Uniatism in Ukraine and the Papal call for Eucharist unity, there is something fishy on the go. If Orthodox Churches do not rise up to the occasion and take constructive steps to heal schisms and strengthen Pan-Orthodox unity, then they might end up clapping hands for the Roman ecumenism. How can Orthodox Churchs prioritize ecumenism with the Latins when their own family stands divided.

Unity between local Orthodox Churches and unity between Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox families must be given prime importance. Sadly, these are not the agenda of any of the EO or OO Churches. Just empty words and promises continue to echo.

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OCP News Service

8 thoughts on “Pope Wants to ‘Trick’ Orthodox Churches Through ‘Urgent’ Intercommunion

  1. Toujours la même tactique sournoise pour amener à ses fins l’Eglise de Rome.
    Je puis vous assurer qu’en France, l’Eglise Romaine-catholique s’introduit jusque dans les mouvements inter-religieux pour y faire sentir son influence, et lorsque celle-ci y est bien établie, imposer sa loi.
    En ce temps liturgique, puisse la Vierge Marie présente au milieu des Apôtres réunis au Cénacle, obtenir à nos Pères dans la Foi, Lumière et force de l’Esprit Saint! Ô Marie, Trône de la Sagesse qui êtes invoquée en Occident comme Mère du bon conseil, intercedez pour nous, secourez-nous !
    +Metropolite Mor Philipose
    Always the same sneaky tactics to bring the Church of Rome to its ends.
    I can assure you that in France, the Roman Catholic Church is introduced into the inter-religious movements to make its influence felt, and when it is well established, to impose its law.
    In this liturgical time, may the Virgin Mary present in the midst of the Apostles gathered at the Cenacle, to obtain from our Fathers in the Faith, Light and strength of the Holy Spirit! O Mary, throne of wisdom that is invoked in the West as Mother of good council, intercede for us, help us!
    + Metropolite Mor Philipose

  2. May the Church in the Eastern Church (the Orthodox) and the Church in the Western Church (Latin or Roman Catholic) understand and respect one another as brothers and sisters from the same stock, the same Triune God, Father Son and Holy Spirit. The may be both true Witnesses of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Though many, we are one in the Lord Jesus. May the Love of God the Father and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all.

  3. No church unity of any kind is possible via the theological route. Theology was the cause of the schism in the first place. To insist that theological issues must be sorted out first before churches come together is like saying that the permission of the virus needs to be taken before trying to heal the disease it has caused. I am a theologian and I know the un-Christian harm it has done, especially the western academic theology.
    It is a pity if theology, which is entirely man-made, assumes a higher priority than the expressed and anguished will of our Lord as in the High Priestly prayer in St. John 17, esp. vs. 21-23. Jesus was particularly fortunate in not having the dead weight of theologians and theology to carry. He said love one another. Those who can,love; those who can’t theologize. I fully endorse the wisdom of the Pope, though I am not a Catholic. May good sense prevail among Christians.

  4. Interesting, especially in light of the fact that the “Oriental Orthodox” have made many more and more compromising agreements with Rome than have the Eastern Orthodox. Agreements that families in mixed marriages (Rome/OO) follow the wife’s denomination, and that they can practice “intercommunion.” As well as others. “OO” much closer to union with Rome …

  5. Error code 404 apparently.

    Which is fitting, given that there are no extant monophysites anywhere in the world for either the Eastern or Oriental Orthodox to unite themselves with. The disagreeable sect of Eutyches, John Philloponus, and other monophysite-tritheistsnis a rare example of an ancient heresy which remains dormant, in this era in which we have seen revivals of Gnosticism, Arianism, Pelagianism, even Sabellianism (via the Oneness Pentecostals).

  6. Personally, I love the Orthodox people and their traditional Divine Liturgy. I look forward to a day when we can celebrate the liturgy and receive the Eucharist together. That said, this pope needs to concern himself with restoring unity within the Catholic church among the mainstream novus ordo crowd, the liberals, and the traditionalists (like myself). I can’t say I trust Francis. His heterodoxy and behavior toward the traditionalists scare me.

  7. This is the right time for reunion Orthodox Christians whether they are Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox. The theological difference between these two Orthodox families can be easily sort out if a genuine initiates are taken. Let our Lord Jesus unite all of us in his bride One , Holy , Catholic , Apostolic , Orthodox Church

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