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Go Found – 28/10/18

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Lena is a homeless mother of 2 who was diagnosed with Lymphoma last year. With the help of generous Gofundme donations, she was able to complete 4 courses of ABVD chemotherapy between August and November. Following the chemotherapy, for the next 4 weeks, she received an additional 6-course treatment of radiation therapy in 2 minute/30 Gy doses. She was also prescribed Brentuximab Vedotin (the Russian brand name is Адцетрис “Adcetris”) which is an antibody-drug used to treat Lymphoma.

Among the many side effects, she is experiencing includes a decrease in vision, ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation (v-tach/fib). In addition, due to illness and poverty, Lena is experiencing Cachexia which is characterized by extreme loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, and weakness. Lena is currently being cared for by a cardiologist and thanks to the numerous donations we were able to buy her a personal portable electrocardiograph device and a defibrillator against the seizures.

Lena’s sole motivation to keep fighting is to raise her daughters, Anna and Arina, and to give them the fullest life she can offer. The younger daughter, Anna (6 y/o) was born with a rare and severe form of Epilepsy, requiring constant care and very expensive daily medication. Despite these obstacles of illness, loss of family, poverty and homelessness, Lena’s devotion to her children and will to survive has been unrelenting.

Personally withdrawing your generous donations I will be sending Lena the money through Paypal as quickly as possible. These donations pay for Lena’s and Anna’s medical care, basic necessities such as food, clothes and we hope to eventually afford them a place to live.

In a desperate effort to save Lena’s life and to keep her children from becoming orphaned, we would like to ask you for help. Any donation is a big help to this poor family. We would also greatly appreciate whoever can share this page to friends and family.

Thank you!