Patriarchs Hold Press Conference


Primates of Constantinople and the Russian Orthodox Church responded to questions from reporters

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A brief conversation was held by the two Patriarchs with the media.

Asked about the purpose of the visit, His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople said:

“First of all, I would like to thank the Most High God, who blessed me and honored to come to Moscow. And after I thanked God, I wish to express my gratitude to His Holiness Patriarch Cyril for the invitation, which gives us the opportunity once again to the Holy Russian Church, it gives us the opportunity to pay for the visit of His Holiness Patriarch Cyril to Constantinople in the last year. But this is not the only purpose of my visit to Moscow and Russia.

We arrived from Constantinople as pilgrims from the land, which gave in the past, and in recent times many martyrs and confessors of the Orthodox faith. We’ll also pass on the blessing of the Holy Church of Constantinople the Russian Church, which is also our sister and our daughter of. We are proud of it, we honor it, because we see its prosperity. We hope that our visit from Constantinople to Moscow will further strengthen the brotherly relations for the good of Orthodoxy and the glory of God. Christ is among us! ”

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill replied to a question about the dynamics of relations between Constantinople and the Patriarchate of Moscow:

“I appreciate that occurred in the recent development of relations between the two Churches. This is not only an exchange of fraternal visits, which in itself is important, this specific arrangement, which helps all Orthodox Churches, not only our two churches, more closely today, including in addressing the problems that exist in the agenda of the inter-relationships.

I express my profound joy at the visit to Moscow Patriarch Bartholomew, my beloved brother, with whom, in addition to the Patriarchal ministry, we share many years of good human relations. I’m glad to see him in Moscow on an official visit. I hope that this visit will be another important page of the glorious history of our relations. I speak on behalf of our entire nation: Welcome, Your Holiness! ”

Press office of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia