Patriarch Kirill urges the Church to more actively preach in social nets

Patriarch Kirill urges the Church to more actively preach in social nets


Moscow, April 29, Interfax – Orthodox mission should be carried out in social nets more actively, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes.

“We have no right to escape places where our flock is, and today our flock is in social nets, especially most active part of our flock,” the patriarch said speaking on Wednesday at a session of the Supreme Church Council of the Russian Church in Moscow.

According to him, life of a contemporary person to a certain degree focuses on social nets, “and for some people they become universal, but actually not trustworthy and deep source of information.”

“If we are not pleased with the reaction of the flock on certain events, especially events of church life, then there is a question, what we have done to avoid this reaction, how active we are in explaining church position, in discussing actual problems?” he wonders.

The patriarch stressed that the Church is the keeper of Gospel values, its task is to explain these values in a language comprehensible for contemporaries.

He also said that virtualization of human life bears a danger, especially when virtual world substitute real world.

“Sacrament of saving is carried out in real life. If we do not want virtual reality to become atheistic phenomenon, we should seriously consider how the Church can be present in this world more efficiently from the point of transferring the world and youth its message,” the patriarch said.