Patriarch Kirill: The 50 Variations of “Gender” on Facebook is a Clinical Case

The most terrible captivity is that of sin.

March 29, 2014. PRAVMIR. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia called  attempts to change people’s perceptions of gender in the modern world a “morbid  fantasy” and a “clinical case.” According to the Primate of the Russian Orthodox  Church, such is the opportunity for users of one of the largest social networks  to choose a gender identity from among fifty different options. He stated this  on Friday, during a meeting with women entrepreneurs in the Cathedral of Christ  the Savior.

“The destruction of traditional values ​​today also affects interpersonal  relationships. We know that this challenges the fact that marriage is the  relationship between a man and a woman, that gender selection is not an  intellectual or volitional choice, but rather God’s choice,” the internet news  portal RIA Novosti quoted Patriarch Kirill as saying.

The Patriarch recalled that social networking sites today offer users a  choice from among fifty so-called genders that feel most appropriate to  them.

“Perhaps this is some morbid fantasy. Of course, we can say that this is a  clinical case – and, perhaps, this is the most reasonable answer. Yet today this  clinical case is protected by law in many countries. And children are taught  this, being told: you can choose yourself whether you are a boy or a girl,” noted the Primate.

Such phenomena are created “in the name of freedom” said the Patriarch;  however, “the most terrible captivity is that of sin.”

It should be recalled that the social networking site Facebook earlier this  year invited users from the United States to put on their profiles one of fifty  different options of gender identity and to choose one of the forms of address –  “he,” “she,” or “they.” Options include terms such as “androgynous,”  “two-spirit,” and “trans.”