Patriarch Kirill suggests excluding from political life those parties that speak against Basic Values

Moscow, December 28, Interfax – Authorities and society in Russia need to agree on fundamental values and develop the country basing on them, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said.

“We need to agree on the corpus of these values and say: if a party’s political program doesn’t agree with these values, this political power can’t be in our society, it’s dangerous for the country’s security, integrity and future,” the Patriarch said at his meeting with State Duma MPs in Moscow.

According to him, the Church launched the program of dialogue with political powers, with State Duma representatives on “what basic values in life of our people are, what values can’t be splashed out, and no political party, political force can ignore them.”

“If we have a clear set of values that no one can ignore, destroy or fight against, then we will have a minimal foundation for public consensus,” he stressed. “Main slogan that I suggest to think over, is all-national solidarity on basis of fundamental values,” the Patriarch said.

After consensus on basic values and solidarity on their basis is reached, then “this solidarity should be spread to various fields of people’s life, including inter-ethnic relations,” youth and educational policy and work with mass media.

According to Patriarch Kirill, it is “the strategy to develop people’s life” and political forces should abandon “superstructure values.”