Patriarch Irenaeus of Serbia thanks Patriarch Kirill for aid to victims of flood in Balkans


His Holiness Irenaeus, Patriarch of Serbia, has sent to His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, a letter expressing gratitude to the Primate and faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church for the support and aid raised and sent to the Serbian Orthodox Church for victims of the disastrous flood that hit Western Balkans in May 2014.

He stated in his letter that “the prayerful support of Your Holiness and your holy blessings sent to all the victims and those who suffered a serious damage during the flood in spring and the great donation of over 27 million roubles are certainly a precious manifestation of exceptional concern”.

“The duty of Our Humbleness”, Patriarch Irenaeus writes, “is to express unspeakable enormous gratitude to your brotherly kindness and to the Orthodox people of Russia for the sincere love they have and invariably show for their blood brothers in faith – the Serbs and our Holy Church”.

DECR Communication Service