Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II Visits Syriac Orthodox Faithful in Bartella, Bahzani and Bashiqa in Iraq


Visit to Bartella

On 15th June Sunday morning, His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II visited Morth Shmouny church in the Syriac town of Bartelly where he was met by the priests, deacons and a crowd of believers.

With great joy and amidst Syriac hymns welcoming the ‘Father of the Syriac people’, they welcomed him assuring him that they are the descendants of the great Syriac Fathers who protected the Syriac faith, heritage and language and that they are deeply rooted in this blessed land.

Rev. Fr. Daoud welcomed His Holiness who delivered a spiritual word in Syriac and Arabic, showing his pride in his spiritual children everywhere and encouraging them to remain in their homeland. He promised to give all the possible support and help and to stand by his people in their good and bad times.

His Holiness Visits the Church in Bashiqa

From Bartella, His Holiness and the accompanying delegation headed to the Syriac town of Bashiqa where they were welcomed by the priests and Yezidite officials, the deacons, scouts and laymen.

The meeting of the Holy Father with his spiritual children was successful though the visit was short. The congregation found comfort meeting their leader and superior who was interested to hear their problems and ease their suffering.

In his speech, he addressed the people of Bashiqa speaking of the mission of religions is to call for the worship of God and honor all human beings. He spoke on the message of love and indiscrimination. In this context, His Holiness highlighted the importance of national coalition and common living that distinguishes the people of the area who live together in harmony and peace.

His Holiness Visits the Village of Bahzani

From Bashiqa, His Holiness went to the historical village of Bahzani where he was welcomed with a great joy.
On the occasion, Rev. Fr. Aphrem Al-Khoury Benyamen welcomed His Holiness and the accompanying delegation and appreciated this apostolic visit in these difficult and dangerous times in the history of the region. He wished His Holiness all the success for the good of the Church and the Syriac people.

His Holiness thanked all for their beautiful reception and appreciated their strong and deeply rooted faith in Church and Orthodoxy.