Patriarch Abune Antonios Falsely Expelled From the Eritrean Church

OCP News Service – 20/7/19

Asmara-Eritrea: Patriarch Abune Antonios of Eritrea is falsely expelled from the Church by a group of top bishops. They have blindly accused him of heresy. This move is part of the ongoing authoritarian propaganda programs by the Eritrean government. The Patriarch is already under house arrest since 2007.

Abune Antonios is still the canonical Patriarch of Eritrea and he is recognized by Orthodox and rest of the Christian world.

He was wrongly deposed by the govt as he took a strong stand against govt. interferences in the Church affairs.

Reports state that Abune Antonios will be allowed to remain in Church-owned building.

May God have mercy.

OCP News Service

3 thoughts on “Patriarch Abune Antonios Falsely Expelled From the Eritrean Church

  1. This article is very far from the truth. Please check the reality from the Orthodox Christians, not the protestants, of Eritrea. He was hijacked by and highly cooperative of the Tehadeso protestants. The reformist protestants were almost to take over the Eritrean Orthodox Church through his actions, whether he did those things knowingly or unknowingly.

  2. @Yaregal
    You can’t bury the truth. Aba Antonios is a victim because he stood up for the truth. He is a man of God not like you and I.

  3. The truth is not protestantism. protestantism is a corruption of Christianity. And who could you dare to know whether someone is a man of God or not? We can only know the Faith once revealed to the Saints; beyond that we cannot know who is who. But if someone takes the side of heresy, this is a public information. This was how our Church Fathers excommunicated heretics like Arius, Nestorius, Leo, etc. As he stood on the side of reformed protestants, how could he have been exempted from excommunication? No way!

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