Patriarch Abuna Mathias launch book ‘Church about Child Marriage’

Rowan Williams – OCP News Service – 15/6/18

*Patriarch Abunä Mathias launches the book entitled ‘What the Church Teaches about Child Marriage

Addis Ababa -Ethiopia: His Holiness Abunä Mathias I, Patriarch of Ethiopia, Archbishop of Axum and Ǝč̣äge of See of Täklä Haymanot, has launched a new Amharic book through the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC), entitled ‘What the Church Teaches about Child Marriage‘ (Yälǝjnnät gabǝčana yäbetä krǝstiyan astämhǝro). The book was sponsored by the United Nations, at the request of Yäʿaläm Ṣäggaye Minister for Women and Children, EPRDF, and the heads of the Norwegian Church Aid, Ethiopia.

At the launch, His Holiness stated, “God created humankind with greater dignity than all other creations. Therefore, those who seek to reduce this great dignity oppose the law of God.” He also said that “This generation has to be trained! Formerly, due to a lack of understanding, there were no precautions taken with regard to this, especially in the rural areas. However, its harmfulness is plain to see, and the Church is providing courses to increase understanding, in the midst of these problems.”

Translation: Deacon Tesfa Mikael Williams

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