Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow canonizes 30 new Saints

by Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE on December 4, 2017

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Orthodox Church – 4/12/17

The Council of Orthodox Bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate, currently meeting in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral through Saturday, has resolved to add 30 saints, previously locally-venerated in Ukraine and Belarus, to its Church-wide calendar, reports the site of the Russian Orthodox Church.

It was previously reported that the Council would undertake to consider proposals to approve a number of Ukrainian saints and two Belarusian saints for Church-wide veneration. Having heard the report of Synodal Commission for Canonization Chairman Bishop Pankraty of Troitsk, a document was drafted confirming the approval of all 30 saints, including a number of elders from Glinsk Hermitage in Ukraine.

The new ecumenical saints are:

Martyr Daniel Cherkassy (July 29/August 11);
Holy Hierarch Ignaty of Mariupol (February 3/16);
Holy Hierarch George of Mogilev (July 24/August 6) (Belarusian);
Holy Hierarch Athanasius the Wonderworker of Poltava (January 1/14);
Venerable Partheny of Kiev (March 17/30);
Holy Hierarch Innokenty of Kherson (May 25/June 7);
Holy Hierarch Philaret of Chernigov (August 9/22);
Venerable John the Recluse of Svyatogorsk (August 11/24);
Venerable Bonifaty Theophanovsky of Kiev (February 7/20);
Venerable Paisy the Fool-For-Christ of Kiev (April 17/30);
Venerable Gabriel the Athonite, abbot of St. Elias Skete (July 9/22);
Venerable Jonah (Peter in the schema) the Wonderworker of Kiev (January 9/22);
Venerable Alexei Goloseevsky of Kiev (March 11/24);
Righteous John of Korma (May 18/31) (Belarusian);

and also the Glinsk saints (celebrated as a synaxis on September 9/22):
Venerable Vasily (Kishkin);
Venerable Philaret (Danilovsky) (March 31/April 13);
Venerable Theodoty (Levchenko);
Venerable Makary (Sharov);
Venerable Martiry (Kirichenko);
Venerable Evfimy (Lyubimchenko);
Venerable Dosithy (Kolchenkov);
Venerable Iliadore (Golovantsky);
Venerable Innokenty (Stepanov);
Venerable Luke (Shvets);
Venerable Archipy (Shestakov);
Venerable Ioanniky (Gomolko);
Venerable Seraphim (Amelin);
Venerable Adronik (Lukash);
Venerable Sraphim (Romantsov);
Venerable Zinovy (Mazhugi), Metropolitan of Tetritsqaro (Seraphim in the schema).

The Georgian Orthodox Church also venerates Sts. Zinovy of Tetritsqaro, Andronik (Lukash), and Seraphim (Romantsov), as they completed their ministries within the canonical territory of the Georgian Church.

According to the Council’s decision, a service will be written for each saint, if one has not been written already, icons will be painted, and the lives of the saints will be written, if not written already, and published for the edification of the faithful.

The primates of the other Local Orthodox Churches will be notified of the names of the new Church-wide saints for inclusion in their calendars.



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