Orthodox Church Supports Hellenism in Hungary

By Fani Toli

The Greek Ambassador to Hungary, Spyridon Georgiles, emphasized during a discussion held on the occasion of the Blessing of the Waters and the casting of the Holy Cross at the Danube River on the Epiphany, that the Orthodox Church in Hungary always promotes and supports diaspora Hellenism.

The ambassador also praised the humanitarian work of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Austria – Exarch of Hungary and Middle Europe Arsenios.

This year Blessing of Waters was the first one for Metropolitan Arsenios, who succeeded the late Metropolitan Michael, and stressed the importance of the Epiphany for Orthodoxy. The celebration was attended by Greek and Cypriot authorities led by the new Ambassador of Greece in Austria, Themistoklis Dimidis. The event was held in Danube Canal on the bridge next to the historical Greek quarter in Vienna.

During his speech Metropolitan Arsenios made an appeal to Greece for greater brotherhood and unification within the population under these poor economic circumstances that Greece is facing at the moment.

Finally, Arsenios had the opportunity to meet diaspora Greeks in Hungary that guided him to the Greek language school there, while it was emphasized that the Greek presence in Hungary dates back to the 10th century.