On the Martyrdom of Bishop Anba Epiphanius

Bishop Antonty – 3/8/18

The martyrdom of Bishop Epiphanious inside his monastery in the midst of the monks by Bishop Antony

What’s concerning me about the story is that he was going out from his cell and going to the midnight praises. The monks were surprised because he was late and that was not the usual. When they got worried, the went to make sure everything was ok and they found him outside his cell going to the midnight praises but he was martyred before getting there.

Coptic Orthodox Bishop Anba Epiphanius Found Dead

Imagine with me, while he was going to the midnight praises and in a moment, he found himself in another praise.. praises with the angels and saints and Saint Abba Makarious himself is welcoming him and thanking him for his service for his monastery and his sons the monks…and there were other monks and all of that while the praises was going on without stopping… and suddenly, he finds someone tapping his shoulder and he turns around and sees Saint Mary coming to welcome him and saying : Axios, as he was praising her in the praises, now she is praising him… and they all praises because he arrived to Heaven, praises of victory and salvation. While they are all praising, he finds a great voice saying: “Holy”, and the King Himself comes to give him crowns, one for virginity, one for being a bishop, and another one for martyrdom… the the 2-hour midnight praises becomes praises forever.

We are concerned about who killed you while you were going to the midnight praises and you are in a different place that is full of praises and joy and you are not concerned about anything and we are here in the 2-hour praises until God gives us like He has given you our Bishop.

Bishop Epiphanious, the Bishop and martyr. He went to the midnight and didn’t return back.